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10/21/2009 2:33am,
Hello all. Awesome site, love the style.

Anyway, I've been looking at getting back into martial arts, and have been seriously considering Western boxing after being disappointed at many of the local McDojos. So, I was wondering if anyone who knows more about this sh*t than I do could take a look at the website for my local boxing club and give me an initial impression. I'm gonna do a drop-in and check it out, too, but just thought I'd get some input from you fine folks.


Thanks in advance,


Tom Kagan
10/21/2009 2:48am,
Thread moved from the WMA forum.


Welcome to Bullshido. It's obvious you made an effort to your post in the right area and for that I thank you. However, the WMA forum is more about discussing the history and specific quirks of arts such as boxing. Newbietown is the right place for queries such as yours.

With greetings and salutations out of the way ...

At first glance, that place seems fine for what it is.

Since you haven't really given an idea of what you are looking for in a martial art, a generic tidbit you may also be interested knowing is: the patron saint of 'aliveness' himself, Matt Thornton, teaches in Portland. Here is the link to his gym's website: http://www.sbgi-pdx.com/. Tell Matt I sent you and where you heard about him so he may properly laugh at you and me.

10/21/2009 2:59am,
Thanks for the prompt reply - and for moving my thread to the proper forum. :)

I suppose what I'm looking for is something no-nonsense, no-frills. So that eliminates about 99.9% of the dojos in my area that I've visited. The Straight Blast place looks awesome; too bad I'm in Portland, Maine (not Oregon!). I think the commute might be a bit too far for me. ;)

I did find the following place, which is a little closer.


It's a little pricey (110 bones a month), but if it turns out to be legit, and if I like the whole MMA thing, it might be worth it.