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10/16/2009 11:45am,
Hey, I've recently come across san shou training and it seems like something I would love to do. There doesn't appear from my searches to be any sanshou classes in Scotland but I found this website about being able to train in China.


It's something I'd be able to do during University holidays in the summer, however I'm not familiar with any of the coaches or the training facility.

If anyone knows anything about the trip, the facility, the coaches or anything else that'd be useful then I'd greatly appreciate it.

10/17/2009 4:22pm,
Could be OK. There are a lot of martial art schools in Zhengzhou. Be warned that a lot of the "Shaolin" schools teach modern wushu, ie. gymnastics with a martial theme. Not sure about the specifics of San Da training there. The price is not bad... Zhengzhou is a cheap place to live.

Be warned (according to my understanding anyway) that San Da training in China takes advantage of the large population. Meaning that they get a whole bunch of guys to beat the **** out of each other and the ones that aren't injured end up being pretty good. I don't know if this program would be more foreigner friendly.

Another option I know of is in Beijing: http://www.bjjchina.com/en/ It's a BJJ school, but they have sanshou classes and I think can hook you up with boxing as well. I only did BJJ there, but it is a good school. I wouldn't expect the same sort of intensity as the full time program, so it really depends on your goals.

Good luck!

Ming Loyalist
10/17/2009 4:51pm,
that looks like it *could* be very cool, but it could also be a bunch of bullshit. if i was considering it, i would ask about the sanda coaching team. i don't care that the sanda coach did wushu at the temple and is pictured in a wushu stance on the website.

i would want to know if he fought in the king of sanda tournaments, or if any of his students have. i would want to know how often the serious students get ring fights, and where.

since you live in scotland and can't find sanda near you i suggest that you take boxing and judo in the meantime. that way if you go to china you will have some experience and will be able to tell if the training is any good, plus training for a month is fun, but you have to train consistently to gain real skill.

10/17/2009 5:42pm,
I train regularly with judoka and have been looking into training some freestyle kickboxing as well as my kuk sool training.
I think I will enquire about the sanda coaches, there seems to be another great program with scic beijing, however it's much more expensive although they state you will be training with national sanda coaches. Seems like you might be getting what you pay for in this instance.
Thanks to those who have responded and hopefully others may know more :)