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10/15/2009 3:14pm,
Hi folks,

as one of those annoying messages claiming that I had never posted anything on this forum popped up, I thought I would introduce myself:

I started with Shukokai Karate back in 1994 in the UK, added a few martial arts to my training portfolio over the years, but got hooked on Krav Maga (IKMF) from 1997 onwards, with a few training periods in Boxing and Kung Fu in between. Although I have a general interest in Martial Arts, my focus lies with pragmatic and direct self-defence methods.

After ten years of training Krav Maga with 5 different European instructors in the UK and Germany, as well as virtually all well-known IKMF-Israelis and with the insistent kick in the back from my instructor, I decided to run through the Civil Instructor Course in 2007.
I have been teaching ever since and am now making myself more independent from my previous Krav Maga school that I have been teaching at for the past years and setting up my own school in Munich (http://www.keepsafe.de (http://www.keepsafe.de/)).
So, that's me.

All the best,

10/15/2009 5:42pm,
Welcome, good to have you