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10/14/2009 11:15pm,
yeah like it says, my job sucks buttcrack! ive gotten better at managing time with school and other not so important parts of life (girl friend, eating ****, etc.) but ive always been into martial arts, and this is a martial arts website, so im gonna talk about my many adventures in the world of fight. it started at the ripe age of 13 when i took my first aikido class.

WOW did i suck ass at that. i was terrible, one of the worst students there. i couldnt even breakfall (lol breakfall). i remember one of the students telling me there was a karate class on tuesdays and thursdays and i said :"WHAT!!!?!?!? they have something that actually teaches you how to punch AND kick?!?!?!?" he was like "I know!" and i fell in love with it. turns out i was much better at punching people than trying to "use their own force against them" (at the time anyways).

karate was the ****! i was hitting ppl hard and they were hitting me back. but the thing is, i started to wonder if this was all there was to the martial arts. i started to search extensively online for videos and info on other martial arts and that's when my view changed on fighting in general. i leared of american kickboxing, wing chun, weapons fighting (for self defence), and finally...Sport fighting.

I learned of the UFC, MMA and the styles they incorporated to their system. MMA was insane! people went all out and fucked each other up! but i started looking up style vs style matches to see how MMA came about and i learned thats all they did for a good 2 decades plus. i saw muay thai vs karate, tae kwon do, capoeira (lolz) etc. but i noticed they went up against one style that looked similar to them, but not quite. they kicked with their shins, they punched like boxers, but they were chinese!?!? wtf?!?!? i learned of a fighting style called sanshou (or sanda for some). It was almost like Muay Thai, but they slammed ppl too. first thing i thought to myself was "wow maybe aikido was on to something". but then i said fudge that. this was nothing like aikido (which i never liked for some reason. im not into holding pplz hands and getting tossed around more than i actually learned something, if theres even something to learn out of that but thats off topic) i left my karate school for a while.

Then i left high school a **** faced graduate :). Good times, fun day. i couldnt find any sport fighting schools in the area so i settled and took some wing chun classes. the dude also taught escrima, which is a stick fighting style. i took that for a couple of months and i returned to karate. when i went back though, it didnt feel the same. My passion towards karate changed to wanting to become a sport fighter. I decided to leave karate for good this time around (my sensei was a great instructor, but it just wasnt cutting it for me anymore. maybe ill go back when i mature more or something).

College began to take its toll on me. i didnt have much time for anything besides my job and college so i took a break from fighting for a while.

Its been two years now. i started working out like crazy to get back into shape (this was in the beginning of summer). i ended up getting into the best shape of my life (P90X nigguh!). i started punching and kicking my old punching bag again (I hope Punching Bob counts as a punching bag). i started to try to learn these styles on my own through DVDs and Youtube videos (specially since i have a butt load of time on my hands now). after a while i said "fudge that" and i became hell bent on finding schools.

I found this school that teaches Sanshou and Muay Thai. i decided this is the one. im gonna train here... at least till i find an MMA school anyways. these two styles look like they blend together well anyways.

fast forward a couple of months and here i am. im a beginner sanshou and muay thai student as of last week. i have the time to do it now so im gonna max out on it. For some reason i really enjoy watching the combat sport of sanshou/sanda. Good stuff.

I dont know y i have this passion for fighting, but i do. Its fun to fight! Wat a great world we live in where we can get paid to kick pplz legs. Well, thats about it for my journey with the martial arts (so far). Honestly, between me and whoever takes the time to read this, i wanna become good and go pro. i have the body and determination (i have will power, ive taken a kick to my jaw before, etc.) for it, i just need the acquired skills to become good. i mean, i actually did the full 90 days of P90x and im still going and that was kinda a bitch to do, so i know ill stick with this. I know its hard to go pro with all of these awesome fighters running around as competition, but still, i got nothing to lose anyways so im gonna go for it. wish me luck.