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Deadpan Scientist
2/04/2004 2:29am,
In January:

Individual IP's: 60659

Total Hits: 17410934

I guess we're pretty big.

2/04/2004 2:46am,
****, congrats and thanks to the people who started the webpage and help maintain it. This webpage has been very helpful and very amusing. Ciao

2/04/2004 2:48am,
Yeah. I feel guilty for not becoming a contributing member, I will get on it.

2/04/2004 2:54am,
What's the stats on contributing members? How many so far?

2/04/2004 8:35am,
how do you contribute?

2/04/2004 8:40am,
Click the BULLSHIDO icon on Brans signature.

Funny how Bullshido is. When I first came here I probably was one of the most loathed pple on the site. Sadly that hasn't changed! :(

Deadpan Scientist
2/04/2004 9:04am,
About 60 supporting members

2/04/2004 10:00am,
Well, paypal's still not verified I guess :( I will be one of the black belts in Bullshi-do then... :D

2/04/2004 10:09am,
I love bullshido~~~:cool:

2/04/2004 11:09am,
Thats a ton of traffic...

2/04/2004 12:07pm,
About 24 GB a month. My hosting company hates me.

2/04/2004 12:13pm,
24 gigs a month.... shittttttt

2/04/2004 12:37pm,
What % of that is video or do you know?

2/04/2004 1:28pm,
Phrost. With those kinds of numbers, you can definitly look to bring in some advertizing revenue without being too annoying to the readers. I don't know much about that sort of thing, but maybe somebody else does? There's no reason for you to have to pay for this our of your pocket, and the extra money can be used for the throwdowns.

2/04/2004 5:03pm,
Unless it is a pop up.
Try talking to some of the more MMA stores/companies. Like the ones that adverise and sponser mma.tv.
Or maybe set up something where individual users could buy spots on a banner add to advertise That Asia sucks or what not.
Just a thought that could be damn funny.

2/04/2004 5:05pm,
Originally posted by J-Lau
24 gigs a month.... shittttttt

My other favorite website/forum, Something Awful, was pulling about 70GB per day at one point, and that number has at least doubled since then.