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2/03/2004 4:59pm,
Anyone heard of this style? It's sopposevly a mostly ground grappling style. I found an article on it here:


2/03/2004 5:00pm,
Woh, a martial art that hasn't been talked about much...shocker.

And to add to that shock, I'd never heard of it.

2/03/2004 5:59pm,
Fusen Ryu is the school that defeated the kodokan and forced Kano to add more extensive ne waza to judo.

2/03/2004 6:03pm,
Ugovolnik, That pic you posted... I've seen it before. Supposedly it's an ancient egytian carving of their wrestling techniques.

2/04/2004 1:35am,
I've posted this many times before, but it's hard to say whether or not Fusen Ryu as a whole had that much ground technique.

2/04/2004 2:02am,
Originally posted by mikus
I've posted this many times before, but it's hard to say whether or not Fusen Ryu as a whole had that much ground technique.

really? I read that Tanabe trained extensively in ground grappling and made that the emphasis of his Fusen Ryu School. It was unfortunate that Fusen Ryu's name was laid far behind the shadows of Kodokan when it should've been the other way around. Kodokan did a great job in shoving them under the carpet after they were done with Tanabe.

2/04/2004 2:10am,
According to some, it may have been more just Tanabe than the other fusen ryu folks who knew the ground grappling.

I guess if you get the fusen ryu tapes around today, there is zero ground grappling shown and no randori either.

Much judo newaza was invented/developed by the kosen students. Fusen ryu definately didn't have everything that exists now.

And why should've kodokan been shoved under the rug? Kodokan > fusen ryu.

2/04/2004 8:23am,

I the cirriculum definitely seems to be different between the different Fusen branches. Some of the demos I've seen did have quite a bit of ground techniques from seiza, which would be the appropiates starting postitions for is use in formal settings. My next trip to Japan I going to try and nail this down more.

2/04/2004 2:07pm,
Ugovolnik check the old pots. This topic has been brought up before. I also submitted a section on Kosen judo.

2/04/2004 2:10pm,
Just a note. Its not just Fusen Ryu that had newaza (ground techniques) several jujitsu schools do. (They either had/have a greater emphasis or lesser emphasis on newaza)