View Full Version : Newb In California!

9/26/2009 1:57pm,
whats up people, Just wanted to say Hi!
I just signed up here today so I would have somewhere to talk bout fighting while im not at the gym fighting >P
just picked up Muay Thai for the second time around, More fun than I remembered it to be!

Later on Folks!!!

9/26/2009 1:59pm,
So were abouts in California are you? I am in southern Cali myself. Happy training.

9/26/2009 2:01pm,
Im in the L.A Area actually, fighting at Sityodtong :D

9/26/2009 2:05pm,
Im in the L.A Area actually, fighting at Sityodtong :D

Nice, I am in Santa Barbara area myself. Good luck in your training and have fun with the forum. Just be aware that it can be pretty brutal around here at times so you kinda have to have a thick skin or not take things personally around here. It is a pretty nice forum with a lot of intelligent and well informed people though so it is worth it.

9/26/2009 4:58pm,
i assume you are training at Sityodtong in pasadena right? You are a very very fortunate person. How are you liking the training so far?

9/26/2009 5:02pm,
Damn, LA area stepping up with the new BS members. Hail, friend and well met! I'm from the SGV myself. Hope you enjoy the MT.

9/26/2009 5:31pm,
hey Danniboi, seeing as you live over the hill next to me (I'm in the sfv) do you know of any good judo schools in the area that a starving student can join? Hayastan is really close by but $130 a month is a bit pricey right now.

Btw, love your avatar. Hajime No Ippo is the bomb.

Conde Koma
9/27/2009 12:38am,
****, how many guys do we have to get before we can get some TDs going??

Danniboi goes to the SGV dojo, I go to the West Covina one, I dunno if there's any closer to you, elbines.

Also, we have Sidyodtong in LA?

9/27/2009 5:12am,
there is a sidyodtong branch in pasadena, headed up by Walter Michalowski. I wish i had the time and money to train there but my education eats up most of my waking hours along with my wallet.

West Covina is about 30-40 miles out from where I live. Which dojo do you go to Conde? I don't mean to derail a newbietown thread, but any info on local judo dojos is well appreciated.

Conde Koma
9/27/2009 7:34pm,
West Covina Judo Dojo, on Puente between Sunset and Vincent.

It's mostly kids training there, we're in dire need of the 16-35 demographic.

9/28/2009 1:49am,
I like it alot so far!! I live one street over from the Psadaena Sityodtong and its working out great for me so far!!!

9/28/2009 8:02pm,
Thanks for the info Conde, I think I might check it out.

9/28/2009 11:46pm,
If you're looking for a Judo Dojo you can check out http://www.judoinfo.com/contacts/browse.php

My knowledge of the Valley's geography is subpar, but you can use that link to look up some dojos that are closer if you wish.

Hayastan is good though.