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9/23/2009 12:01am,
Hi BS,

Long time lurker first time poster. Not a "martial artist" but I do coach wrestling. Might join an MMA-oriented gym (Seattle eastside area) soon because my current foo foo gym kind of sucks. Mainly, I'm very happy to be here and to get rid of the "you have never posted" message!


9/23/2009 12:07am,
Wrestling is quite possibly the oldest form of martial arts, don't sell yourself short mate :). Welcome to the site, good to have another wrestling coach on board.

9/23/2009 7:10pm,
Don't worry....soon you'll be able to replace the annoying "you have never posted" message with an equally annoying, "you haven't posted in a while" message. Since I myself just got that message yesterday, you are the chosen person I have decided to welcome in order to get rid of it.

So...welcome to "unlurkdom"!

Now, back to lurking myself until the next time I need to choose a "victim" to welcome. :)