View Full Version : ADCC forum down again!!!

2/01/2004 3:16pm,
It Seems that ADCC forum is again all screwed up. So here I am again hat in hand looking for a forum to take the place of dear old ADCC. I feel like I'm cheating on my forum when I stop over here but a guy has needs. And with the UFC going down last night , I can't rub it in the face of the guys who lost their bets. God I'm sad...:(

2/01/2004 3:20pm,
Edit: I need more sleep.

2/01/2004 3:22pm,
Hey Stan, welcome. I'm sure it will come back up. Come here anytime. Heys guys, Stan is a good man.

2/01/2004 3:45pm,
Thanks for the welcome DRD My prayers are with you at this time. Shumagorath take your shots no problem I never take it personally.

2/01/2004 4:34pm,
Yes Stanley, ADCC forum Admin is composed of Wanderer and several morons with no computer skills.

Now put your hat back on. That combover is starting to freak out the kids.

2/01/2004 5:00pm,
Grego I always knew you were over hear also, but just how many forums do you infest? You say you work but your always online. Are my welfare dollars keeping you in that double wide?

2/01/2004 6:31pm,
Triple wide thank you very much.

2/01/2004 7:41pm,
Great quote, Grego

2/01/2004 8:00pm,
That would be you, FFL, I take it?

2/01/2004 8:22pm,
No, just like the quote

Omega Supreme
2/02/2004 2:52am,
Hey **** you Stan (omegan for Hi)

You sound like a ***** (what kind of kenpo do you do and who's your instructor)

How about you drag your pathetic ass up to one of the mcthrowdowns and let's see you ***** style!!! (Mcthrowdown's in March, beer on me, we'll have a blast)

Fucking LA scum bag!! (fucking LA scum bag!!)