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Conde Koma
9/08/2009 11:04pm,
Not sure where this goes, hopefully this is okay.

So, I'm a pretty big fan of martial arts movies (and by "pretty big," I mean really really huge), so I was a little disappointed to see so few being talked about in the review forums.

Is anyone allowed to post reviews in there? Or does it go through a moderation panel of some kind first? I'd really like to start broadening your horizons as soon as possible.

9/09/2009 4:34pm,
I am down to hearing about some new stuff. You got my vote.

9/09/2009 4:45pm,
As they're configured, you should be able to post a movie review and then we approve it in the queue. The queue's just there to keep stupid or low-content reviews from cluttering things up.

By all means please post reviews.

Conde Koma
9/09/2009 4:50pm,
This might give me a nice nightly activity on days I don't have judo. I have a BIG collection. :D

9/09/2009 4:52pm,
Sweet, looking forward to it.