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1/31/2004 9:09pm,
Why are we being flooded by a bunch idiots saying Tai Chi is the shiznit? Has Perfection's defection to the darkside really unleashed all of these crazed morons, or is it that time of month? It is a weird celestal alignment I didn't know about?

1/31/2004 9:50pm,
I think that if Sony released a Tai Chi Chaun video game for the playstation2 youd be first in line for a new set of silks.

1/31/2004 10:03pm,
Originally posted by JackHanma
Why are we being flooded by a bunch idiots saying Tai Chi is the shiznit? Has Perfection's defection to the darkside really unleashed all of these crazed morons, or is it that time of month? It is a weird celestal alignment I didn't know about?


Jack, I did not have a defection to the darkside. However, I'm no fan of Tai Chi in and of itself. I simply feel that the party you refer to as "the darkside" understands how to apply the principles to combat. I keep my mind open to new ideas, if it works it will be incorporated. On that note, I even keep my mind open to what I "currently" do not being up to par. I accept change and new ideas. I've always said that a theory can only be good if it has a physical example to prove it.

If you look through all of my posts, you'll see that a lot of times I was making references to the principles, especially if I mentioned body alignment or relaxation. I don't know if I did give some people some courage, but if I did I'm sure you all will give them the third degree and that is healthy in my opinion.



1/31/2004 10:34pm,
tai chi sux azz. 'nuff said.

1/31/2004 10:37pm,
taiji is just kung fu, its when people start pulling all that mystical **** that it turns into what most is today.

2/01/2004 1:57am,
Tai chi licks balls, dood! Ha ha! Hee hee! Hoo hoo . . . ooh . . . do any of you actually know what you're talking about?

It's one thing to deride the training methodology employed by most tai chi players; after all, very few receive proper training in the art--and even fewer take a pragmatic approach toward training for self-defence. Not even serious TCC people will argue with this point. However, don't confuse the way most people train with the art itself. To write off the style--any style of TCC--wholly should require a careful critique of its mechanics, principals and strategies . . . something difficult to do when you know SFA about it, don't you think?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You need to see it work against a resisting opponent. I get it. We all get it. Some of the more serious people, myself included, are working on getting you some video clips to show that sometimes--when the planets are in the right alignment and everyone's magical totem animals are playing together harmoniously--TCC can used effectively. Perhaps while we're doing this, you could use the time to come up with an original critique.

Would you like to know what TCC's biggest handicap is? It's not hippie practitioners who talk in abstractions about swirling energy and metaphysical bullshit. It's not even the dearth of qualified teachers. It's the fact that it's really, really difficult. It takes a long time to learn and many people can't even understand the fundamental concepts, let alone apply them properly. Does that make it a bad art? I know that it makes it impractical for those who need to learn to kick ass before a specific deadline. People who are stupid, impatient or lack critical thinking skills are also probably out of luck. However, there are some people who think that TCC is indeed the shiznit. My mind is open, though, Jack, why don't you explain to me how it isn't.

2/01/2004 3:27am,
Hm...here I am having spent some time in MT. Currently a BAJI ! ! ! freak and I am first in line to say that taiji is the ****. My own Baji Sifu constantly reminds me how superior taiji is to Baji and nobody around here questions Baji. I put Bagua in the same category. From a certain perspective, I've been training bagua for about a decade and today was the first time I ever heard my Sifu express satisfaction with my footwork.

I'm not even in the "it takes a decade to learn to use" camp either. There's some perfectly reasonable techniques to be had in both taiji and bagua that you could apply in a couple months but that's not where it's at. That's just the frame. At that level, it's not much different from Shaolin or boxing. It's just that Taiji keeps on going after the other styles have maxed out and have nothing left to offer and no way to improve outside of better conditioning.

So why do I train Baji if I think Taiji has more to offer? Because Baji is badass and I love it. It's kind of like saying why do you want to bother with getting into the oil business when there's clearly more money to made in arms sales. Jeez, your a billionare either way. So I'll keep walking in circles and building the foundation so that when I finnally really grasp what Baji is about I can start pouring a little neijia jet fuel into this little Baji formula 1 racer.

2/01/2004 3:32am,

The Wastrel
2/01/2004 3:53am,
It's because you guys talk like lunatics. We hate lunatics.

2/01/2004 3:56am,
That's a lot of hatin' coming from Love-a-lot Bear.

The Wastrel
2/01/2004 3:58am,
In the interest of loving, I am letting you know, you talk like lunatics. If some BJJ d00d came on here and talked the equivalent of most IMA people, I would tell him too. I would tell him:

"You talk like a lunatic!"

2/01/2004 4:10am,
I'll take lunacy over tedium any day of the week. Even on Crabsday.

deus ex machina
2/01/2004 5:18am,
All that matters to me is that if I ever have to fight a Tai Chi guy, I won't need to worry.

2/01/2004 7:06am,
Maybe there is more to Tai Chi than what meets the eye? ......

2/01/2004 8:34am,
Tai Chi is nothing more than a grain of sand.

The oyster who looks for the perfect grain of sand will never yield a pearl, because it's too busy looking for that perfect grain of sand.

2/01/2004 10:38am,
Hannibal said, - Maybe there is more to Tai Chi than what meets the eye? ......

Not really, It sucks