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9/01/2009 10:27am,

First time visiting the site today, though I have always loved the YMAS vids on YouTube. I'm a yank but have been living in China for the past 5 years. While I'm pretty athletic, have a solid (in my opinion anyway) S&C program I've been on for over a year now and have been lifting and playing sports since college, I haven't had much in the way of martial arts training. A little TKD when I was a kid, a couple of boxing lessons once, a Kendo class in college...basically I know nothing.
To remedy that I've decided to start training SanDa/SanShou, which is a Chinese MA that has strikes with fist and elbow, kicks and knees, throws, and some locks/submissions. Not really any groundfighting as far as I know but it seems like a good base for MMA training....what do you guys think? I'm 100% positive that there are people on this forum that train this MA and I'd love to get to know them. As I live in CHina and will be training at a very good school here it might be interesting to compare the differences (if any) between here and the west. Also, if anyone out there also lives in China and trains MMA I would LOVE to get some recommendations on equipment and other "local" stuff...I'm in Hebei province.

Anyway sorry for the long read, I'm really hoping to get a reply or two, please help a noob out!!

Matt Phillips
9/01/2009 10:40am,
You may find that the next 2 months are a bit "distracted" in the San Shou world, as all the big gyms are getting ready for the world championships in October.

There are quite a few SanDa people on this site:

Strikestanian is an amateur MMA fighter with a SanDa base
Arbiter is a SanDa coach
SamboSteve used to be a competitive San Shou guy
Ormega was a champ Draka (Russian SanDa)
Lebell did either San Shou or SanDa IIRC
Also KosherKickboxer (my kid)
Bobyclumbsyninja too
and Erebus, or was it Hesperus? I get them confused.

I have a thread called "What's going on in SanDa/San Shou" which you might want to subscribe to ( What's going on in San Da/San Shou - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=82085) )

I haven't updated it in a while though.

There is also this: How I Fought Cung Le 5 Times And Lived To Be Interviewed About It - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=87626)

Happy training

9/01/2009 10:42am,
Welcome Mlalahoi,

There certainly are a number of people here who train in San Da/Shou. It is regarded quite well here and if mma is your ultimate goal, should give you a good start. I personally do not do San Da, but those who do should be along shortly

Ming Loyalist
9/01/2009 10:45am,
good to hear, and we'd love to hear about your training experiences.

my advice would be:

1) get whatever gear your coach suggests
2) spend a lot of time on breakfalls at first, the last thing you need to do is get hurt in training by taking a fall the wrong way.

oh and WW, i'm hurt to be left off the list... must be because of my recent defection to judo. :P

Matt Phillips
9/01/2009 10:59am,
I was totally typing your name but I figured you might object since you compete in a different (CMA) format. With your little gloves. And your face cages. And all.

Where've you been hiding? I missed ya.

9/01/2009 11:00am,
I trained 6 weeks with the pro district team at Nanjing so feel free to ask me any questions. Being able to speak the local dialect is going to help you alot, i found it very frustrating trying to communicate with only basic Mandarin.

Hope you enjoy being dumped on your arse ;).

Ming Loyalist
9/01/2009 11:26am,
I was totally typing your name but I figured you might object since you compete in a different (CMA) format. With your little gloves. And your face cages. And all.

Where've you been hiding? I missed ya.

despite putting more people into lei tai competition than sanda (long story, not for this thread) i actually much prefer the sanda rule set over the lei tai one, and focus my classes on sanda rules. man, i hate those face cages, and the silly clinch rules in lei tai, but i digress.

as to where i have been, i've been training judo. there's a thread in the training logs section where i have been tracking my progress with way too much detail. haven't been as active on this site, the BJB fiasco thread contributed that that. yuck.

i'll send you a PM and fill you in.

to the OP, i didn't say it yet, but you are right, sanda can be a great base for MMA, as long as you eventually train in bjj/sambo/sub grappling to fill in the gaps. keep us informed, as we have very little direct info on the chinese sanda scene, so a report on how the training is run would be really great.

if you're a supporting member, a training blog would be a good tool for you, and we would get to keep track of what you're doing. if you don't want to blog, at least keep a notebook for your own use (write down notes, as soon as you can after class, you'd be surprised how much you forget by the next day.)

9/01/2009 11:42am,
War Wheel,
Thanks for the links, subbed to those threads and am looking at the members. I am used to forums full of butholes I guess cause Iam really pleasantly surprised that I got replies...thanks!

Breakfalls..got it! thanks!

Yeah, the south sucks for putonghua, especially with people that don't have much formal education (such as most MA teachers). The instructors at the school I'm going to all have pretty standard Mandarin which is a plus (my Chinese is good, HSK level 8). I often do business in the south so I've gotten used to the accent but am much more comfortable with people who can differentiate z-c-s-ch-sh ;-) Any tips to get started off on the right foot with the teachers there? I'm the first foreigner they've ever had and they are the first CMA trainers I've ever had...should be fun ;-)

Anyway thanks again for the replies, I'm very appreciative of any and all advice for a complete beginner!

9/01/2009 12:00pm,
I gave gifts to my grandfather who introduced me to the school through an uncle by giving gifts to them to let me train there, you probably know more about Chinese etiquette having lived there much longer than I have.

My advice would be to just be polite, work hard and never complain and maybe give the instructor a cigarette or two. Make sure you keep us updated with your experience!

Matt Phillips
9/01/2009 12:07pm,
work hard and never complain and maybe give the instructor a cigarette or two.

Hell, I'd teach anyone who hits all three bases like that!

Matt Phillips
9/01/2009 12:11pm,
Omega was a champ at Draka (Russian SanDa)


Can you tell I didn't get any sleep?