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8/26/2009 4:28pm,
So I'm thinking of burning some cash on some Straight Blast Gym (SBGi) material. I didn't see any recommendations using the search function except http://devballs5.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=17097&page=2

Now, considering that I really appreciate Matt Thornton and all the other instructors' philosophy, way of explaining or grouping ideas/principles/techniques, as well as their approach to clinch, ground, and striking within the context of MMA...

What should I get? http://www.straightblastgym.com/store.htm

They're wildly expensive for a full set, so I want to choose carefully. If I don't get a solid recommendation for a specific disc or 2, I probably won't get any of them. In case you haven't heard, there's a recession.


8/27/2009 11:49am,
What specifically are you looking for?

Are you an instructor of Judo, MT, BJJ?

8/27/2009 12:18pm,
I'm specifically looking for recommendations on which is the best SBGi video. For me. Read my mind, damn you!

The instructor tag refers to my days as a karate instructor, to wit, "ex-Isshinryu."

8/27/2009 12:21pm,
Functional JKD 3 is a good set

8/27/2009 12:33pm,
That one stood out to me too.

8/27/2009 12:45pm,
If I were to buy a set, I'd go with Spring Camp '07.
Wide variety of techniques covered, logically the most up-to-date (Matt Thornton updates his curriculum constantly).
But really, I can't make a suggestion for you, as my telepathic abilities are suxxxor atm.

8/28/2009 4:16am,
What do you want out of the dvds? Better at the clinch, stand-up or ground? Aliveness?

8/28/2009 8:57am,
I want clinch surfing, guard surfing, fundamental fives, aliveness theory (like the string of Youtube videos), MMA methodology/integration of striking and grappling, and any SBGi-emphasized or SBGi-specific drills. I'd prefer material that relates to clinch and ground with striking.

8/28/2009 9:39am,
Def go the JKD3 set then 1.2

8/29/2009 6:21pm,
FJKD 3 is awesome, that should be the first go to. Then look at the camps DVD's depending on what you're looking for.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
8/29/2009 11:45pm,
I just ordered the first two discs of JDK 3. I'll let you know how they are once I get them.

8/30/2009 10:36am,
I watched series 3 last year. Training at SBG Portland, I'd already heard all the ground stuff, so that wasn't very interesting to me (although all the videos have footage of coaches from the various gyms rolling & playing around which was interesting to see). I thought the Clinch DVD was great, as I don't get to work takedowns as much as I'd like & it gave me some tools to play with during open mat times. Karl Tanswell's disc on keeping it standing wasn't quite as good as the others in terms of production values but the material presented was absolutely great.

So: if you want takedowns get the clinch disc. If you're a stand-up fighter looking to specifically develop a defensive clinch game to keep things on the feet, then get Karl's disc & if you are looking for ground material get the discs on the A.P.E. guard & the top game if you're a beginner looking for basics or get the MMA & X guard discs for something a little zanier. The Aliveness disc is Matt's standard FAQs lecture on aliveness with fun montages over the top.