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8/25/2009 11:35am,
Firstly, let me compliment one and all on a top notch forum. I am not currently taking any discipline, and mainly was directed here because of your Bobby Joe Blythe/Willie J. Dennis thread. Your membership should be applauded because of the fine work you've done uncovering many different facts in this story. Sad, indeed and I'm only on page 10 of the thread.

I am, out of respect to your forum ... going to read and dive into more than this one thread, but I need to finish what I've started. Thank you for the warm welcome.

8/25/2009 11:41am,
Welcome to Bullshido dude

Evil Solvalou
8/25/2009 11:42am,
Hello, and welcome to Bullshido. That Blythe issue has attracted a lot of new members here, very few of whom have introduced themselves here. I hope you like it here, and it may even inspire you to take up a martial art.

I am not currently taking any discipline,

I know some women who can take care of that for you, and their prices are very reasonable. :love4:

8/25/2009 11:54am,
I joined for the same reason. I also recently started in BJJ. It's loads of fun getting tapped out by everyone at the dojo you should try it.