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1/29/2004 1:00am,
... In the world, which school would it be and why?

For me I'd train at Shen Wu Academy in Ca. under Tim Cartmell.

Why? Welp, I have this fascination with bagua zhang and his is the only school I'm aware of that trains it realistically. Not to mention TC is a bjj bb, so that part is covered too.

Cartmell's school is the only one I'd be willing to forsake judo to train at.

1/29/2004 1:02am,
Frank Shamrocks Submission Academy

1/29/2004 1:02am,
Ashida Kim's ninja temple, I need a little comedy in my life.

The Wastrel
1/29/2004 1:15am,
In a post-apocalyptic landscape! WHO RUNS BARTERTOWN?!

1/29/2004 1:17am,

1/29/2004 1:30am,
We don't need another hero.

1/29/2004 1:31am,
I'd train with the Brazilian Top Team

1/29/2004 2:18am,
With any Gracie, Neil Adams, Swain, etc.

1/29/2004 2:21am,
Zanshin Dojo

I think this will fall under the "MrMcFu, I hate you".

1/29/2004 2:25am,
For now i am where i want to be, i am training in everything i need to become a powerful MMAist.

1/29/2004 2:27am,
For now i am where i want to be, i am training in everything i need to become a powerful MMAist.

That sounds like a fortune cookie.

1/29/2004 2:35am,
Gracies...or somewhere in Thailand :)

The Wastrel
1/29/2004 2:37am,
With that guy who taught Remo Williams!!!111

1/29/2004 2:38am,
shaolin now??

Fatality Dragon
1/29/2004 2:42am,
Under Cung Le but I am pretty happy at where I am now because I get to hang out with awesome people like Kit Cope, Marvin Eastman, and Ben Garcia once in a while and have them there to help me too :-D Only if they would show up for afternoon class more often :-(

1/29/2004 2:46am,
Just with regards to greese1 - I had the pleasure of training at the Neil Adams club in Coventry for 2 years. Did also train with Sven Loll ( Silver/Seoul) for a long time. The most outstanding differences with regards to their classes are, that they don't do 'magic' stuff. Much more, they make first of all sure that you learn you basics. And repeat them , again, again, again. And all the surrounding is thoroughly organized. You never had the feeling that they would make the class up as they go along. In addition a fine eye for your mistakes and personalised suggestions how to improve. But again, no secret magic...