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shaolin pimp
8/22/2009 11:06am,
Is there any SPM players/fighters that have used spm in real fight situation( teh streets) or combat sports?

What is spm best strengths/weaknesses, what's your opinions on this style is it good/practical? I know it's a close range fighting system with explosive power, well I have googled and looked around, read up on it, but I'd like to get some input from people's personal experience!

Do spm schools reg spar? is it true it has dim mak strikes? I always wondered how you practice dim mak.....
Are the stance wide and is it very stiff, I'm gonna go to a class to find out for myself, but the guy that teaches is sorting out a venue atm,

I was searching through smilies and>>>> :ingun:haha bastards! I seen that and I was gonna post it at bottom of here and say I got a clip of me sparring as a jk lol, then I seen it said wing chun! smh

That's fucking funny lol

anyway back to spm!

was the guy ever here who said he learned spm from watching a mantis he was a hero lol

8/22/2009 11:29am,
southern praying mantis

8/22/2009 12:04pm,
This would have been a fun thread in the old days.

shaolin pimp
8/22/2009 2:18pm,
Thanks for the replies I think I have a better understanding of the system now!

8/22/2009 4:29pm,
Of course you do.

Christmas Spirit
8/22/2009 4:49pm,
Of course you do.

All of the responses thus far have been VERY informative . If he hadn't learned something I would think he was just talking random nonsense .

8/22/2009 5:00pm,
This screams pattern.

8/23/2009 6:12am,
Your pattern recognition abilities astound me.

shaolin pimp
8/23/2009 9:41am,
This screams pattern.

what kinda pattern?

It is Fake
8/23/2009 10:58am,
Go look at your other thread and read your posts. It is painfully obvious.

8/23/2009 11:02am,
Seriously, we need a built in search function button for newbies. Like it's 5 times the size of other buttons until they lose their newb status.

8/23/2009 11:10am,
I was wondering if the search button shouldn't be renamed, something so shiny to their simple minds they can't help but click on it.

8/23/2009 1:25pm,
Trolls /= n00bs