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8/21/2009 6:16pm,
Just a new face, kind of just now getting into MMA, more to the self defense side I guess. More general interest than a hard core "I'ma fight everyone and their dog" style.

I appreciate the no bullshit style and attitude here.

Any advice on starting out is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Crushing Step
8/21/2009 8:01pm,
Advice in what? Where you at? Are you in a MA school now?

8/22/2009 5:01am,
Any advice on starting out is welcome.

This is grappling specific rather than MMA in general, but here's the usual BJJ noob response:

You might find this BJJ Beginner FAQ (http://slideyfoot.blogspot.com/2006/10/bjj-beginner-faq.html) useful, as a new student in BJJ.

As I mention in that FAQ, for further reading on BJJ, I'd recommend the following threads:

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And the following articles:

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