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1/28/2004 3:55pm,
Sign up Fast - Click Here (http://www.martialartsweapons.net/blackbelttest.html)

According to this wanker you send off for his DVD, study it then submit a video tape(s) to him showing proficiency according to the page you’re about to visit, he then awards you a Nidan certificate and teaching licence.

Easy !

Martial Arts Weapons.net (http://www.martialartsweapons.net)


1/28/2004 3:59pm,


1/28/2004 4:00pm,
..Add to this..

I'm going to do this, just for the hell of it, once I have his DVD, I will have a look at what he wants and send in a tape of some shite, see what happens, If I get a certificate etc I will scan it and post it here (While it Burns)

1/28/2004 4:11pm,

did you look at the video sample? What a crock....he's standing there trying to outmuscle a wrist grab....if he's supposedly a "grandmaster of Jujutsu"....you'd think he'd be progressed beyond muscling things.....

sad sad sad.

what a load of bull

1/28/2004 4:15pm,
you're BUYING his DVD? I wouldn't support anything like that in any way. Even if you talk trash about the crap that he teaches here I think he'll just be happy that you bought the DVD, the people he sells to probably ain't regulars at bullshido... except sempai that it.

Good luck though, I hope you get your genuine nidan blackbelt in bushido.

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 4:20pm,

1/28/2004 4:30pm,
you're BUYING his DVD?
I think you clearly misunderstood my intentions..

To obtain one of his certificates, set fire to it, take a picture of it burning, post that here, and send it to him with the URL of this thread.


Ok ?

(may be it's a Swedish thing ?)

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 4:35pm,
See, I knew I liked you for a reason Sempai.

1/28/2004 4:38pm,
He still wins if you buy his DVD because you may burn it after you get it and talk dirty trash about it...but he wont burn your $$.

But im a dirty noob,what do i know :P

1/28/2004 4:39pm,
LOL is that a compliment dude or do I need to put my back against the wall and shout "**** Stabber" really loud ?

If it's a compliment.. I thank you, if it isn't then.. **** you :)

Kind Regards as always

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 4:39pm,
Could cost him money in the long run though.

1/28/2004 4:41pm,
Yeh especially as I would also post it on this website www.aikido-database.co.uk as well.

1/28/2004 4:50pm,
perhaps it would cost him money in the long run because people who trained in a semi non mcdojo fashion would see it on yours and bullshido's websites and not buy it - thereby losing potential money.


Like anyone reading your website or this one would REALLY buy that anyway? I think its geared for the mcmartial artists. Unless your saying anyone with half a brain and some background in martial arts would buy it, then yeah.

1/28/2004 5:07pm,
Anyone else google his name? Check out the other fun stuff he's created in his career:


The 100 Deadliest Karate Moves
by Ted Gambordella
Paperback - June 1983

Fight for Your Life! : The Secret of Street Fighting
by Ted Gambordella
Paperback - October 1982

(source: http://www.allbookstores.com/browse/Author/Gambordella,%20Ted )

Complete Book Of Karate Weapons
by Ted Gambordella (Author)

(source: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0873646290/ref=pd_sim_art_elt/002-1918279-5251248?v=glance )

An amusing review of the latter:

" A terrible work that should be retired!!!, November 18, 2003
Reviewer: Mr. Edwin Rabbipal (see more about me) from Colorado Springs, CO
This book has an excellent title - makes you think that it is a good reference. Right? Wrong! This book takes "basic" to a new level. I have never seen a reference book as simplistic and amateurish as this. It is obvious in many of the descriptions and pictures that the instructors were making up stuff as they went along. I am a kubodo instructor for a martial arts school in Colorado Springs and I was trying to find something that my students could use as a reference. This was definitely not the book. My white belts in their beginner classes could come up with more professional moves than this. This book was printed in a decade were the hype surrounding martial arts made unscrupulous people "professionals" in an underhanded way to make a quick buck. It is obvious that this is one of those cases. "

(source: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0873646290/ref=pd_sim_art_elt/002-1918279-5251248?v=glance )

His current CD contains 30 books / videos. The claim made is that the cd will teach:

- The one punch knock out
- How to control anyone without your hands
- How to take full power body strikes without being hurt
- How to block any kick with ease
- The secrets to super flexibility
- Feel like Superman by increase your KI
- Knock an attacker to the ground using one finger
- Break boards with a one-inch punch!
- How to defend yourself against any weapon
- The secret strategies that give you an edge even against with multiple attackers
- Plus much, much more

The list of books / videos is at the link below. You've got to read the page 'cause it's fun. Pretend you are watching an infomercial late at night in your head:

Go here!!! http://www.wwwin.com/video.htm?hop=fcg01

1/28/2004 5:11pm,
Oh yeah... for questions I read you should email:

[email protected]

1/28/2004 5:12pm,
sweet! be sure to post the certificate so i can print it out and put my own name on it!

bullshido all the way.