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1/28/2004 10:30am,
Might have been posted, but here are some clips of shaolin-do students performing... I've seen kung fu and this looks nothing like it. It almost seems like the grandmaster made up all of these forms.


I especially liked "Flexible Drunken Immortal" and "Monkey". Especially the part where the guy jumps onto his hands and starts kicking. Who said muay thai is better than monkey style? I also enjoyed "Sparring 1". The stance is quite excellent. Especially since its a horse stance with the hands held near the knees. I also like the part where the guy drops down and does a sweep (at least that is what i think it is).


1/28/2004 10:35am,
that is some of the sloppiest looking Eagle Claw i've seen.

and that sparring. geez.

they look like the weirdos that come to my tkd club who studied ninjitsu and try to teach us how to fight.

Blue Flames
1/28/2004 10:50am,
dont suppose your that same maverick from gamefaqs. But yeah, that is some seriously sloppy crap.

Blue Flames
1/28/2004 10:53am,
OH WAIT, everyone look at the Praying Mantis pick and play. It looks like jazzersize.

1/28/2004 11:19am,
Hey, those clips are from the Atlanta SD schools. In other words, those are the people I used to train with.

I am very happy to be a judoka nowadays.

1/28/2004 1:18pm,
Originally posted by Blue Flames
dont suppose your that same maverick from gamefaqs. But yeah, that is some seriously sloppy crap.

yep, that same one.

Blue Flames
1/28/2004 1:43pm,
OMFG, please look at the sparring2 at the right hand side bottom and answer me this. WTF are they doing?

1/28/2004 1:58pm,
Wow, this is probably the worst thing I've seen since JSW

The Wastrel
1/28/2004 2:01pm,

1/28/2004 2:19pm,
OK !!!
The sparring was like watching to idiots trying to give each other a wedgie.
I would rather go to the proctologist.
I can only comment on the tiger/crane and the Chen taiji.
I have never seen the tiger/crane form done so badly.
As for the Chen Taiji, I guess fajing is something they never heard off.

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 2:19pm,
::: damn I'm going to get reamed for this :::

eehhhh I've seen worse.

1/28/2004 2:22pm,
Uh at :10 sec in the sparring1 clip. The guy does a forward roll!? WTF?

The Wastrel
1/28/2004 2:23pm,
Omega...you've seen...worse?!

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 2:28pm,
Dude, I used to travel this country and visit every studio I could find. Hell yeah I've seen worse.

1/28/2004 2:28pm,
omega. i now fear the sights you must have seen.

1/28/2004 2:29pm,
The Horror...THE HORROR !!!!!!