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8/15/2009 11:20pm,
anyone spar lately?

8/24/2009 12:17am,
Yeah I finally got the vid of my last fight...Tuf N Uff May 30th. This was my 2nd MMA fight. For this event It was a last minute decision to even take part because I lost my job 2 days before. Then I was so overweight that I had to cut 14 lbs the night before. Then after I goit there and made weight (on the dot) I got a call shortly after telling me that I was being bumbed into the main show against a much more experienced opponent. I ended up losing by 3rd rd RNC but I feel I put up a good fight and over all I walked away with a good feeling about the whole experience.


I have been training hard everyday since and plan on fighting in the Sept 18th event.
This fighting stuff can get addicting =)

jesu christo
8/24/2009 2:02am,