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Crushing Step
8/15/2009 10:17am,
I have a question for folks in the Choy Lay Fut and Hung Gar schools. Apologies in advance because this guy is a troll, but it can be good for a few laughs as well. There is this guy, if you googled his name, you would find out he's been banned from a number of forums. He claims to have mastered mantis, hung gar, clf and "countless other" kung fu forms. A few of us have asked him politely who he studied under, and he dodges the question. Instead to prove skill, lineage, and proficiency we get still photos. At some point he will without fail resort to insulting, and to be honest some of us have replied in kind! The fact remains that I have some issues with his claims to know mantis kung fu, based on dozens of photos of an e-book that he posted. Yes, dozens of styles, but his applications were so elementary they were embarrasing. What I cannot make any claim to is his proficiency in CLF or Hung Gar.

The forum where all of the fun is happening right now is www.antimma.com (http://www.antimma.com) Poke around for a bit, the fun is everywhere. I will also copy a few photos that "prove" this man is a master, and I would invite commentary on them. I am not against still photos, yet in this case when asked for video to show form proficiency he claims that photos are all that is needed to prove his knowledge.
Thanks for listening, discuss!


8/15/2009 11:44am,
That is Bruce Downey, aka HungKungFu, aka TigerClaw, aka KungFuTeacher.
There is an article in the works already and if you search his name here, i hope you have some reading time.

Crushing Step
8/15/2009 11:53am,
I found his thread and I know he's banned, I just haven't taken a break to read it yet! Based on what's going down on anti-mma, I'd say he is in the bat-**** crazy category.

It is Fake
8/15/2009 1:27pm,
Based on what's going down on anti-mma, I'd say he is in the bat-**** crazy category.No, that doesn't begin to address his delusions.

8/31/2009 11:30am,
I'd like to read this thread. Can someone post a link... there is a lot of stuff in the search re: Bruce Downey.

Ming Loyalist
8/31/2009 11:48am,
bruce already knows what i think of his so-called hung fist boxing

Crushing Step
8/31/2009 12:14pm,
The thread I was actually posting about seems to be gone. He had posted the above photos on antimma.com as proof of his hung gar skill. He stated that those still poses we proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knew the forms, knew the applications, and had direct lineage to the founder. We all said no, it shows you can pose in kung fu stances, which anyone can do. And downhill from there...

There are a few Bruce commentaries which are much shorter than the mega threads. One is on Dragons List called "KFM (Kung Fu Man) getting raped on Bullshido" which is a commentary on the Bullshido thread "Kung Fu is Stylish and Gay". A more recent one is on Defend Net called "Master Bruce Downey's Words of Wisdom" which is a commentary on the action over at Anti MMA. The last site seems to be abandoned, hence it is the only martial arts related website where Bruce has not yet been banned, so he has a bit of a voice over there. It's gone way past funny and is pathetic, sad, and annoying all in one.

Crushing Step
8/31/2009 12:15pm,
PS - Here is the mega thread FTW

Kung Fu is stylish and gay - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=82460)

9/01/2009 4:04am,
yes, I was contributing an idea, that was not a street fight, and both could compete their techniques in a fair way

and are you not a hypocrite for not reading my rather short post

Omega Supreme
9/01/2009 4:06am,
Are you purposely being dense or is this a natural state?

It is Fake
9/01/2009 8:56am,
Idiocy by joechina culled:

I make stupid suggestion cuz, I ain't gonna read nonsense about my instructor. - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=89309)

Crushing Step
9/01/2009 9:17am,
haha nice move joechina


9/01/2009 9:47am,
Boy, you really have to be careful what you say in here. I kinda feel sorry for joechina.

It is Fake
9/01/2009 9:52am,
You feel sorry for him? Then why don't you go defend him? This ought to be interesting.

You come into a thread, say you aren't going to read the original but, you start naming off things that happened in the original thread?

That's stupid.

9/01/2009 10:03am,
Yes, it is stupid (hence the lack of defence).
But we've all made mistakes... and I've been the butt of many a joke in the past, so I know what it's like and feel some compassion.
That's all.

9/01/2009 10:04am,
By the by, reading through Kung Fu is stylish and gay now. Up to page 44.
Holy crap.