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1/27/2004 8:20pm,
So, I think that its time to take another martial art, since Kyokushin lacks grappling and ground work. I heard Sambo (sp?) has a good ground work and stuff like that, but I am not sure about that.

So, I was hoping you people could help me. Can you tell me what Sambo is good at? What is a good art to train together with kyokushin? Well, I could always study BJJ, its full of schools around here, I just wanted something different.

Thanks a lot for your time and answers, eventhough I got this feeling the next answer will be something like "**** you moron" or something like that.

Well, thanks anyway

1/27/2004 8:22pm,
it might be better if you found out what's available to you in your area rather than picking an art and risking either a junk school or not finding one at all.

1/27/2004 8:26pm,
yeah I know, but I thought that since I was creating a thread, I could ask 2 questions in it already insteading of creating another one

Omega Supreme
1/27/2004 8:31pm,
Kyokoshin? Most people take submission grappling such as SAMBO, Judo, JJJ, or BJJ. As for SAMBO, tell me what part of the country you are from and I'll be able to help point you out to a good school.

1/27/2004 8:33pm,
I live in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo. But I think you meant inside USA, thanks anyway.

deus ex machina
1/27/2004 8:36pm,
Dude, you're in Brazil. Take BJJ. What are you trying to do, be a rebel? Give me a break.

1/27/2004 8:40pm,
No, but everyone takes BJJ here, I can spar with them if I want to, so knowing something different would be extra knowledge. Did that make sense?

1/27/2004 8:59pm,
sambo: how we keep warm in russia!

milwaukee cop
1/27/2004 9:04pm,
sambo is pretty decent, rules similar to judo, chokes are barred and leglocks and arm locks are legal. i would guess better throws and takedowns are to be found in sambo , as in judo , because you win with a hard throw.

1/27/2004 9:16pm,
Sambo also tends to emphasize leg locks a little more than most other grappling arts. If I were you I would search around for a school I like rather than worrying about the style. Check out all the grappling schools in your area and then make a decision.

1/27/2004 9:23pm,
Signs of the Apocalypse #1: A Brazilian wanting to learn Sambo.

1/27/2004 9:30pm,
Yeah. Heh. Thats pretty bizzare

Omega Supreme
1/28/2004 12:56am,
We don't do chokes!!!????

Don't get confused with sport versus normal SAMBO there kids. We have chokes just not many of them. As for being leg lock specialist, not all SAMBO players know leg locks well. As for SAMBO in Brazil, that's almost blasephemy. If you want to learn SAMBO go train with Ruas Vale Tudo, they are very similiar to SAMBO in their grappling approach.

1/28/2004 2:08am,
Omega, how common is it for a sambo place to train without pure sambo competition rules? In judo I'd say something like 75% train almost purely for competition, but I have no idea bout sambo. In your experience is it common for sambo practioners to also train chokes and twisting knee locks and neck cranks? I'd imagine the chokes are common, especially in Russia because judo and sambo are so intertwined, but I'm unsure about the other stuff...

1/28/2004 3:35am,
Sambo does have some different setups and ideas for leg locks. Good supplemental to your grappling game.

1/28/2004 5:37am,
Thanks for the answers guys, I guess it will have to be BJJ, besides, theres a BJJ across the street, I can see it from my window.

Also, if its too much work dont bother, but what are the most useful grappling arts?