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1/27/2004 3:12pm,
sensei, sifu, teacher, lover. Whatever you want to call him/her, list the worst one you've had and why. What's the worst class experiance you've had? Why? Your worst partner/worst guy you've seen in dojo? What's the worst martial artist you've ever seen in your entire life (with your eyes). What's the tiniest dojo you've ever been in? The tiniest place you've ever practised/sparred?

GAB corp.
1/27/2004 3:17pm,
The worst person I've partnered up against wasn't really too too bad, but he got really sweaty and he smelled horribly X_X, almost like urine I guess you could say....

Beneath Contempt
1/27/2004 3:20pm,
Miss Scott, who taught my third year junior class when I was 9. She was the most unpopular teacher in the school.

1/27/2004 3:25pm,
Don't think I would have ever called him Lover...

Korean guy I took about 2 months of lessons from when I was 8 or 9. Don't remember his name. He taught in one of the basement rooms of the local YMCA, which was maybe 10 x 20 with thin little mats and broken glass all over the place. No shoes of any kind allowed, of course. He also spoke about 5 words of english, which for a 9 year old, is damn frustrating. Did I mention there were about 45 people crammed in that room, mostly Asian? Sparring, no. Getting beat on, yes.

I sometimes wonder if I had been a little older if I would have gotten more out of the class. Then I remember how I spent an entire class practicing side kicks and another whole class chopping up the mats. And I remember why I quit. Bored.

1/27/2004 3:33pm,
My cousin who attempted to teach me Judo. He more or less just tried moves on me and got mad when I resisted. I got mad enough I punched him in the ear and walked off.

1/27/2004 3:38pm,
One of the worst experieces I ever had........

Sensei had told us to do a few varous improvised defenses against a frontal push. We did a few, then my partner did a really dumb thing.

I came at him pushing with both hands straight toward his chest. He decided (for whatever reason) to do an upward cross block. When my hands almost reached him he crossed his arms underneath them and tried to push them all the way up above his head. He didn't get them high enough before they got to him, and basically ended redirecting my push into his own face.

The fingers on my right hand went into his mouth, and they got shoved in there pretty good because I had put all my weight behind the push I was doing. Then we stoped and I pulled them out at quick as I could and we never spoke of it again.

It was pretty sick. It may not sound like much, but accidently shoving your fingers down someone elses thoat is not a pleasant experience.

1/27/2004 3:41pm,
...Unless it wasn't an accident, ever stop and think maybe he was into that kind of thing?

As for me, worst teacher was actually a partner of mine and still is. He's a really cool guy, but he doesn't understand deoderant...and he's 25. But he always hinted towards not believing in that kind of thing.

Christ it's horrible smelling when we train hard.

1/27/2004 3:41pm,
I had a similar experience but with someone's nose. At first I thought that i had ripped their nostrel out. Yuk.

1/27/2004 3:45pm,
The socalled instructor who
1. Set up a young teenage green belt . The green belt had trained for several months for his brown belt test and when he was a week away from his test, the instructor had a larger older black belt tease and push him while sparring. When the green belt said that he wanted to quit "sparring" because the black belt wouldn't fight, wouldn't hit, just kept laughing, teasing, and pushing, the instructor told the green belt he had a bad attitude and that he couldn't test.
2. Messed up my rotator doing a control technique wrong.
3. Tried to hug me.

1/27/2004 3:47pm,
3. Tried to hug me.


1/27/2004 3:56pm,
Moons of Jupiter!

1/27/2004 3:59pm,
They didn't say anything about getting naked and taking a shower. It's probably a sub cult to Moons of Jupiter.

1/27/2004 4:09pm,
For my black belt grading, one of my sessions was lead by a nidan who looked like one of the talentless kids who litter my old dojo, except grown up and wearing a senior rank. Not only did I end up filling in gaps where he couldn't explain why a technique worked, but his techniques and fighting ability reminded me of those kids who can't even manage to train half-assed.

That guy was one of my early motivations for not sticking around after I was graded and my contract ran out six days later.

1/27/2004 4:19pm,
my worst teacher was an organic chem prof at princeton named pascal. he sucks. he showed up 10 minutes early to class to start writing on the board, then at 8:30 am sharp he would start talking at a tremendously fast pace and write at a tremendously fast speed and keep erasing the things he had just gone over so people had no chance to take notes or catch up.

the worst thing about him was that the average on his midterm was less than 20% and he didn't care. i got a 14.5%, i believe. i still can't believe i passed that class.

1/27/2004 5:22pm,
Since this is a related topic. I think the worst are those "Dojo's" that uses a school gym or some sort of public facilties. Usaully they reek badly. The mats usually arnt that clean. I remember many years ago when I took some Wado ryu karate (it was at a gym at a Health centre for those recovering from treatment) the mats looked pretty old and the place had some funky smell to it. (Hospitals has that weird smell to it as you can imagine. This was that smell and some other weird smell.) I'm glad I wasn't doing alot of matt work on those grimy mats.

Deadpan Scientist
1/27/2004 5:35pm,
Pat, didn't you beat up a green belt kid a while ago?