View Full Version : Korean TKDers beat down bagsnatcher

8/04/2009 1:43am,

Supposedly these guys used TKD to take the thief to the ground and bash him. Now, it does not make mention of the victim-cum-attacker's rank in taekwon-do (sic), to me it seemed like they were making an assumption based on nationality as they were Korean. 'Cause all Koreans are TKD black belts, as we all know.
I could be misguided in my sarcasm, I could be totally off the mark, but if I was in a foreign country and someone tried to steal anything of mine I would do the exact same thing.
If I'm meant to write something else to comply with rules on this subforum, well, let me know, but there ain't much gunna be done 'bout it.

8/09/2009 1:47am,
I soooo knew this story would make it here.