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8/01/2009 4:17pm,
Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a good traditional qi gong (chi kung) instructor in the GTA. I'm mainly interested in someone who does the internal styles but obviously it's not a problem if he/she also practice external styles as well as other disciplines.

Ideally, I would like someone trained in Asia but who can communicate well in English.

Please let me know if you know of anyone.

Thanks in advance!

8/02/2009 12:33pm,
I'm gonna go ahead and say that this probably isn't the best forum to field this particular question in.

8/02/2009 2:55pm,

8/02/2009 3:02pm,
Hey, would anyone know where to find a good Warlock in Iowa?

8/02/2009 3:03pm,
Hey, would anyone know where to find a good Warlock in Iowa?

Next full moon. Left of the center of the corn field, you know the one.

We'll contact you.

8/02/2009 3:07pm,
So you're getting close to 70 years old and your joints need exercise?* Try google maps. Since you're so old, I'll also provide directions on how to get to google:

1. See the little bar at the top of your computer picture box? It has some crazy mumbo jumbo in it, so replace that crazy mumbo jumbo with GOOGLE.COM and then click on the arrow next to it with the pointy that you can move with your mouse.

2. type in Chi Kung Qi Gong and then your area and click on search with your pointy thingy. Then look for blue words on the top of the video box thing but not quite where the mumbo jumbo box is, there should be one that says maps. Go to it.

3. Look at the arrows on the map. Those are places that may or may not have what you're looking for. The extended use of google, however, is known as google fu and will give your hand joints plenty of exercise while you search for what it is that you are looking for.

Hope that helps.

*If you are not 70 years old and still want to do Chi Kung: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Jesus, dude! Get real, that stuff is all a freakin' load! Go take a boxing class or something ya damn LARP!

8/02/2009 3:51pm,
dudes, anyone seen an orc hunter trainer?
i just reached level 28 and i can learn new abilities.
ogrimmar region please.

well anywhere in durotar really, i'll just use my orb and head back to the innkeeper.

8/02/2009 3:54pm,
Arrrghh Yea should be trying Pirate Jutsu!!!!!

8/02/2009 8:28pm,
Arrrghh Yea should be trying Pirate Jutsu!!!!!

This shtick is going to need some work if it's to become an entertaining one.

vaquero de las nalgas
8/02/2009 11:38pm,
This guy is looking for training in Grand Theft Auto? Liek WTF over?