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1/26/2004 2:01pm,

1/26/2004 2:04pm,
AH man, for the love of...
Damn, this **** pisses me off to no end !!!!
Its **** like that, that makes me doubt certain things in my life...

1/26/2004 3:06pm,
Who ever did this (I guess the police think that it's her mom) isn't even worth the bullet to shoot them.

That **** makes me want to cry. Cry and kill the person responsible.

1/26/2004 4:04pm,
Cry and kill the person responsible.


1/26/2004 4:17pm,
...just make sure it is the right person.

1/26/2004 6:25pm,
Holy crap.....

Again with the disturbing news stories... Thanks guys, now I'm gonn have nightmares again, and I've gone so long without.

WingChun Lawyer
1/26/2004 6:43pm,
I just watched Dogville, and now this. Makes me ashamed of being human.

1/26/2004 7:13pm,
When I read about stuff like that, I remind myself that I'm only a moderately advanced primate on a small rock on the outer edge of a galaxy that is millions of years old and that none of this **** will matter in another million years. I just try and keep the big picture in mind. . .

1/26/2004 9:36pm,
The toddler survived?! That's crazy. They should take her away from her mom and then lock that bitch up.

1/28/2004 12:12am,
Since Vargas reminded me that in another million years none of this will matter, I might as well hold that bitch and let you all take turns stabbin' her in the stomach. Besides, if we're only moderately advanced primates then nobody's gonna miss that monkey.

1/28/2004 1:08am,
I wonder if everybody in decades past thought their world as depressing because of stuff that happened in it (WWII, Vietnam, etc.) as we do now hearing about things like this. And I wonder if it'll ever get better. Or if people will just never learn.

1/28/2004 1:34pm,
I wonder if it happened in the past...but no one heard about it. Ours news collection might be more efficient and with the internet...satellites...we hear everything.

Doesn't make this and other stories and less worse.

1/28/2004 1:41pm,
"One mans death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic."-Stalin