View Full Version : lurker finally posting an intro

7/25/2009 10:25am,
I've been reading this sight for ages and though it was probably about time to post an intro thread. Anyway just rediscovered MA about a year ago when I had the chance to train briefly with an SBGI group in New Hampshire was shocked at how much more fun it was than all the kata based stuff I did back in my teens (Iaido and Karate) So I decided to check out the judo club at Uni and haven't looked back since :) Anyways not sure if I'll have all that much to contribute, being a newbie to the wonderful world of alive martial arts, but I'll try to at least avoid saying anything too retarded.

7/25/2009 11:26pm,
Look when I Join, I just posted . I have been on my butt for far TOOO long . I am going to stop being on the side line. But first I have to find a art and school. And I am going do that this week. I also need to do my FASA, but I will do that later .