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7/23/2009 5:22pm,
That is why i post in Newbietown, and that is why i created a new thread in Newbietown. Because i am a newbie :)

Also because OH GOD THE BIG WALL OF TEXT IN EVERY THREAD. Actually the only reason i post in Newbietown is because of the wall of text. I lied about being a newbie, but i want to fit in :(

Been training Sport Jujitsu for 7 months and currently hold a Yellow belt.

7/23/2009 8:47pm,
Been training Sport Jujitsu for 7 months and currently hold a Yellow belt.

Can you explain more about what this sport jujitsu is and where it came from?

7/23/2009 10:04pm,
YouTube - ISJA Sport Jujitsu Full Contact Circuit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0OprCc07Cw)

This actually looks kinda cool to do, i'm just curious how it matches up to bjj grappling wise..

7/24/2009 4:25pm,
Not sure how i can compare it to other forms of Jujitsu. We train both punches and kicks, throws and grappling. Start standing, not sure how things are scored as i haven't competed yet but once you get a hold of you opponent you enter "stage 2" / Throws and takedowns, everything goes as long as it works. The grappling part is just normal BJJ. We have seminars with Black belt BJJ guys for our grappling, but all 3 parts (Punches and kicks, throws/takedowns and grappling) are trained equally. When you spar, leg kicks and punches to the face are not allowed (Punches and kicks to the head are allowed, just not the face)

I love it! If you favour and like the grappling part of your training you focus more on that, as i do. If you like punching or throwing, you can focus more on that. Very versitile.

It's the biggest form of Jujitsu in Scandinavia i think. My club is associated with Frontline academy in Oslo Norway (The only BJJ black belts in Norway trains there i think, Trond Saksenvik, Andreas Olsen, John Olav Einemo to mention a few) , so they come over and kick our asses from time to time grappling.

Edit: YouTube - Sport Jujitsu 2007 Bryan Do vs Random (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEUYGzDuynw&feature=related) This looks a lot like the kind of sparring we do. With almost similar rules.

7/26/2009 4:31am,
cool stuff. I would still favor boxing/muay thai for striking (some of the fighters in that first video were definitely boxers/kickboxers).
Does students from your school compete often?

7/26/2009 7:26pm,
Yes of course. It's point fighting, so it's not really for "fighting" perse. But at least you get some stand up experience in a Jujitsu class :) Combine that with throws and BJJ grappling and it makes one hell of a fun martial art. A BJJ Yellow belt would probably out grapple a Sport Jujitsu yellow belt, as we don't spend all our time on the ground, but we get a taste of everything, wich i think is great.

We compete probably around once every 3-4 months, it's a small town and the big events are usually hold in Oslo or in Sweden somewhere, so it's kind of hard to get good competition in a tournament setting. But as i said, we get very good people down here for seminars. I'll post a video of me getting my ass handed to me by Trond Saksenvik in a grappling match, i think he could have killed me in a number of ways, it was great! Just have to get a hold of the video.