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7/20/2009 8:52pm,
Hey all,

Just posting an intro. I rolled jitz for about 9 years, but haven't trained seriously for a few years. I blame it on the wife for having kids. I'm getting a little more time of late and starting boxing last year.

All my competition was judo/sub-grappling and I don't compete anymore. I do still spar in both gi-less grappling and boxing.

I ran across this site while looking for a review on IMF tech boxing gloves and this seems like there some good info here, so I'll see if I can contribute.

That's all I got...

Matt Phillips
7/20/2009 9:22pm,

7/20/2009 9:41pm,
welcome, hope you like it here.:new_infin

7/21/2009 9:06pm,
whew damn johnny, whos that in your avatar?