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7/16/2009 12:55pm,
This might be the right forum then?

Who is grand master Al Cunningham?
Lets hope this thread is posted at the right place.

I'm just curious about his guy, and his whife.

10th and 9th dan.

Has anyone here any more info or even trained for/with this guy?

Not saying that he sucks in any way, since I have no clue who he is

One more day and then vecation! ;):chewy:

7/16/2009 2:16pm,

Shown posed with wife Janice Cunningham.

Business Address & Number [1]:
650 Plymouth Street #15R
East Bridgewater Ma. U.S.A.


Initial site search indicates he awarded a "Professorship".

Approximately 54 Black Belts associated with his facility[2], with use of titles like Sensei, Associate Professor / Professor / Senior Professor, and of course, Grandmaster.

Master Cunningham has been a police officer for 25 years, is an F.B.I. and Mass. Training Council certified firearms instructor, an internationally recognized Baton Instructor, and a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Master Cunningham started martial arts training in 1965. He has extensive knowledge of Kodokan Judo, Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu, Thai Kickboxing, Taiho-Jitsu, Jujitsu, and American Boxing.

He holds a 10th deg. Black Belt in Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu, 10th deg. Black belt in American Taiho-Jitsu (Law Enforcement Arresting Arts), 6th deg. Black Belt in Jujitsu, 5th deg. in British Taiho-Jitsu, and 6th deg. Kodokan Taiho-Jitsu. In addition he is a Master Trainer in AmeriThai Kickboxing.

He is listed in Ed Brown’s Masters, Pioneers, and Legends Hall of Fame; received the Grandmaster of the Year 2001 Award, and was inducted into the USMAA Hall of Fame.

North East Jujitsu Association
World Combat Martial Arts Association
American Federation of Jujitsu
American Taiho Judo Association
Mrs. C's Woman's Self Defense Association
Sen-I Ryu Association


Senior Advisor of Kempo International

Grandmaster Cunningham started martial arts training in 1965.

He formed the following martial arts organizations:

North East Kenpo Instructors in art of Chinese Kenpo Inc. Founded 1981.
North American Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu Federation. Founded 1999
American Taiho-Jitsu Assoc. Inc. (Law Enforcement Martial Art System), 1986.
North East American Jujitsu Association. Founded in 1986.
AmeriThai Kickboxing System. Founded in 1980.
Martial Arts School - co founded with wife, Prof. Janice Cunningham
Mr. C's Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu

Arts Studied:

Kodokan Judo (1967 - present)
Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu (1970 - present)
Thai Kickboxing (1968-69 in Asia)
Taiho-Jitsu (1976 - present)
Jujitsu (1977 - present)
American Boxing (1965-66)

Black Belt Ranks:

10th Dan in Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu
10th Dan (Founder) in American Taiho-Jitsu
6th Dan in Jujitsu
Black Belt in Judo
6th Dan in British Taiho-Jutsu
Master Trainer, AmeriThai Kickboxing

Curriculum Vitae:
KI Family Gathering 2004, Massachusetts USA
KI Black Belt Camp 2005, Landskrona Sweden
GRK SUmmercamp 2006, Lund Sweden
KI World Expo 2006, Boston USA

Yeah, pretty much a McDojo.

[1] http://ckka.homestead.com/ckka.html
Note: http://www.taihojutsu.com and http://www.mrckenpo.com redirects here.
[2] http://ckka.homestead.com/rank.html
[3] http://web.mit.edu/jiu-jitsu/www/CalendarJiuJitsu.htm
[4] http://ckka.homestead.com/linkstaiho.html
[5] http://www.kempo-international.com/cunningham.htm

7/16/2009 4:58pm,
that qualifies for a grandmaster for me ;)

7/17/2009 1:02am,
It doesn't disturb you that he founded his 'AmeriThai' striking system after spending only one year learning Muay Thai and one year learning boxing?

Or that he invents his own jujitsu system after 3 years in 'kenpo karate / jujitsu'?

Or that the only internationally recognized martial art up there is Judo?

Anyone can give themselves a millionth Dan in whatever system they invent and call themselves Grand Professor O Sensei Soke Master for all I care, but his background in MA is itself a little dodgy, no?

7/17/2009 2:20am,
that qualifies for a grandmaster for me ;)

Stop Winking.
It makes you look like a fuckwit.

7/17/2009 5:45am,
i got vacation now btw

Cy Q. Faunce
7/17/2009 5:57am,
6th deg. Kodokan Taiho-Jitsu
Hasn't it been quite a while since taihojutsu was taught at the Kodokan? I don't think this guy goes back that far.

7/18/2009 4:56am,
Sorry guys

I am dysleptic and have a habit missing bits of texts I read.

Grandmaster or not, why I ask about this guy is that one of his desciples
is arranging a camp here in sweden.

And if you look at the list of instructors attending, you might spot some that have been here on this forum under frauds.

This is what i found on their homepage, http://www.kempo-international.com/

Dates September 18-20, 2009
Place EOS-Hallen, Lund, Sweden
Registrations No later than August 1st!
Participation by showing up unregistered is possible for seminars and "see you next year party". Prices at the door for these are €75 and €40
For championships there will not be any registrations accepted after august 1st!

Booked instructors
Soke Jorn Brandt, 10 Dan ~ Denmark (KI Sr Advisor)
Soke Frank Schneider, 10 Dan ~ Germany (KI Sr Advisor)
Soke Yuriy Kostrov, 10 Dan ~ Ukraine (KI Sr Advisor)
Hanshi Jorgen Jorgensen, 9 Dan ~ Sweden (KI President)
Kyoshi Richard Matthews, 7 Dan ~ Channel Islands (KI National Rep.)
Kyoshi LisMaria Brandt, 7 Dan ~ Denmark (KI National Rep.)
Master Danilo Huertas, 5 Dan Doce Pares ~ Norway (KI National Rep.)

TJ STORM (martial arts actor from "Mortal Combat")

Jorgen Jorgenssen(or Jörgen Jörgenssen as he used to call himselfe when he livced here in sweden) is a very disputed man here in sweden.

Feel like going there to see those competions and train for all those masters.
Just to get a clue what they are like, long lists of +100 dans says far from all for me.