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7/13/2009 4:30am,
Hello all.

I'm trying to find a good club for grappling in either the Rugby or Milton Keynes area, it can be judo or BJJ or whatever, I'm not so worried about style but I want a good, serious, club.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated, cheers.

7/13/2009 4:33am,
What country?

7/13/2009 4:34am,
yeah sorry mate, UK.

two dogs
7/13/2009 7:14am,
Hope this helps


7/13/2009 7:27am,
Cheers, I'll have to have a look at home tonight, most websites are banned at work. This one should be really, with it being a forum, most other forums and personal pages are.

7/13/2009 1:52pm,
I moved this into Newbietown FoolOnTheHill for two reasons. One, it's your introductory post and they usually go here, and more importantly, two because this thread will get more exposure and receive more replies in here. Thus increasing your chances of finding a good club.

Welcome to Bullshido. I'm sorry I forgot to post this earlier. It was a busy morning for me.

7/14/2009 3:36am,
No worries, cheers.

7/14/2009 4:55am,
This site lists a number of Judo clubs in Milton Keynes.


8/26/2009 7:56pm,
The best instructor in Milton Keynes is Danny Batten, probably one of the best submission grapplers to come out of the UK. He teaches at Total Dojo in Bletchley. Lee Hasdell has a school nearby and is a decent teacher too, but personally I would go with Danny.