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7/11/2009 7:06am,
To assist those in their efforts to create rank papers in this system....

here is the actual logo from our group....


7/11/2009 7:55am,
Who would need to create these papers? Just wondering.

7/11/2009 8:30am,
ACJ FTW! I don't get it either, but I realized I haven't nutridden anyone in a while and it's MTripp's week (sorry Squerelli).

7/11/2009 8:35am,
Its a gag based on people having to photoshop their certificates.

7/11/2009 9:55am,
Oh, OK. I had a feeling it was something like that. I just became a blackbelt in Combat Judo.

Just kidding!!

7/11/2009 10:43am,
I just figure if people are going to keep claiming rank in it, they may as well have the right logo....

7/11/2009 11:08am,
Heh. I guess I'll have to add you as a second exception to my usual rule that the word "combat" in the name of a school or style is a possible Bullshido flag. (The other exception being Combat Sambo.)

7/11/2009 11:38am,
How about a sneak peek at what's coming.... the m is cool

Lu Tze
7/11/2009 12:10pm,
That's nice, but it's backwards!

7/11/2009 12:12pm,
Not if its going on a transfer for t-shirts, caps, uniforms, etc....

Psycho Dad
7/11/2009 12:15pm,
I keep on seeing the word "SCAT" in that second logo...

7/11/2009 1:01pm,
You guys are slow on the up take....

7/11/2009 2:05pm,
Well, it is a Saturday you know!

Blue Negation
7/11/2009 2:35pm,
That's coming?! Where!? When?

7/11/2009 2:53pm,
Here, is this better?

7/11/2009 5:29pm,
Well, something like it. The combat sambo thing was an idea I had but I wanted to get Chris and Igor on board; we will have to see.

I will say that I might be moving too, something has to give.