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7/06/2009 12:59am,

he is close to where I am staying right now and Im thinking of checking him out. his name is Joe Hing Kwon Chu. His site seems like he's combat oriented:
"Kung Fu

"When you are talking about Kung Fu, you are talking about two branches: the 'opera art' and the 'fighting art'. Fighting can be used to improve your self-confidence. If you only train in the 'opera art' or some non-contact form, to build your confidence, it might be a false confidence. Once you try to use it, you will find that the 'opera forms' don't work."

Joe Chu is an enigma among traditional Kung Fu Sifu.

* His art: Sil Lum Pai. (Shaolin System)
* His method: full contact sparing.
* His story: that of a rough-housing pugilist in south-east Asia's Kung Fu tournaments; and an irreverent shattering of some of the most cherished misconceptions about the art."

7/06/2009 2:47am,
Welcome to bullshido. Please use the standard font.

7/06/2009 4:08am,
Lol well, lets put it this way. The guy has a bigger page on viagra than on Kung fu. It couldn't hurt to try though.

7/07/2009 1:59pm,
how bout this gym:
anyone here trains there?