View Full Version : Alexis Arguello Committed Suicide

Eddie Hardon
7/02/2009 5:41am,

This is dreadfully sad news. I read it on BBC telextext here in London last night. Alexis always impressed but sadly we got to see few of his fights here in the UK.

I certainly remember his defeat of Jim Watt, who should be credited for his strategy in avoiding a KO: everyone knew Arguello would win, it was just a question of when he'd KO Jim. BTW, no disrespect here to Jim Watt, his strategy was a sensible and intelligent one AND he had the courage to defend against his expected successor.

Re the Panama Lewis incident with the bottle. We all know it was juiced, he was heard calling for "the Bottle I mixed". You don't mix water...Aaron was a great fighter but asking his opinion on the incident is irrelevant, it was his corner who poured it into him, how would he ever know?

The other thing that comes to Mind, if Memory serves, is that following the Sandanista revolution, Alexis became flat broke but just picked himself up and started again. What a Hero.

Rest In Peace Alexis.

7/05/2009 4:44pm,
Darn! Sad ending for a great boxer. When I think of good technique I think of him first usually.

7/07/2009 3:45pm,
That guy was a great fighter..what a damn shame.
The 14 round fight he fought with Aaron Pryor was a classic..too bad about the controversial 'bottle incident', but he did lose the rematch in 10 ..so I think Pryor really was the superior fighter.
Arguello was fun to watch..
I hope whatever demons caused him to do such a thing are long gone and he is at peace.