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7/04/2009 9:28pm,
Hey everybody,

I'm here for two reasons:
1) For the fun stuff like your ma sucks, conspiracies, general Bullshido, that kind of thing; and

2) I'm wondering where and how far to take my martial arts training.

I've been in AKKI Kenpo since I was 13, I'm 27 now.

Alas, another crappy newbie thread.

BTW Happy 4th of July Everybody!!

7/04/2009 9:29pm,
Welcome to Bullshido! Don't forget to read the stickies and remember the search function is your friend :)

7/04/2009 9:40pm,

7/05/2009 9:17am,
You should start a new MA and cross train. You might like Judo or Bjj?

7/05/2009 9:29am,
Alas, another "welcome" reply to get rid of the nag message.