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7/02/2009 9:53am,

A GIF created by (re-)animating 24 frames of film originally used as photographic illustrations in Sadakazu Uyenishi's (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadakazu_Uyenishi) "Textbook of Jujutsu" (1905).

Uyenishi was one of the very first Japanese jujitsuka to travel and compete outside of Japan, having arrived in London in 1900 to teach at E.W. Barton-Wright's Bartitsu Club. This may well be some of the earliest film footage of jujitsu.

7/02/2009 11:47pm,
Nice find. That's some pretty intense air uke is getting there.

7/03/2009 1:55am,
ummmm..... why aren't they wearing any pants? does this mean i dont have t3h r34l jujitsu because i wear pants?

7/03/2009 6:05am,
Early British jujitsuka commonly wore shorts (as in modern SAMBO wrestling) and short-sleeved jackets.

7/04/2009 2:49pm,
Nice, it looks a lot like my younger brother and I while practicing. He’s 185 cm (6’ 1”) and I’m 160 (5’ 3”).

7/04/2009 3:35pm,
haha Im getting a hell of a visual on that one.

There are a lot of good pics in books at that time. There are also some good clips on U-tube.

7/04/2009 4:52pm,
Reminds me of these old classics

YouTube - Rare Jujitsu Footage from the early 1900's 20's - 30's? no.2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmP1uKOVTr4)

YouTube - Rare Jujitsu Footage from the early 1900's 20's - 30's? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmTni0AM-Uo)

7/04/2009 5:01pm,
^ in heels and a skirt, bloody awesome!

7/04/2009 5:15pm,
Reminds me of these old classics

Those are classics, but the OP clip is much older - 1905, as compared to the 1930s. Also interesting that the 1905 clip has actually been re-animated from a series of still film frames that illustrated Uyenishi's book.

7/04/2009 5:56pm,
Wow! Thanks for the 1930s woman doing jiu jitsu clip.

I've been trying to convince my sister to take up Jiu Jitsu or Judo for self defense (even though I know I don't do it I know it's probably the best MA for women) and that video will help alot :).