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6/05/2009 7:44pm,

RBSD Does Work?

Police: Gun Expert Foils Robbery

Self-Defense Expert Near Victim Of Mugging

WATERBURY, Conn. -- Police said a would-be robber made a terrible choice when he targeted a Waterbury man, who just happened to be weapons and self-defense expert. Authorities said the intended victim, Robert Dwyer,53, foiled the attempted mugging Tuesday night by grabbing the gun and fighting with the suspect. Dwyer is a federal Justice Department firearms instructor trained in how to disarm people.Eddys Marte, 25, was charged with attempted robbery and is being held for a court appearance Thursday.
Dwyer said the gun went off during the struggle, but no one was hurt. He said he fought off the robber because he was upset the suspect was bringing crime to his neighborhood. He said his two adult sons and a neighbor helped subdue Marte.

6/05/2009 8:25pm,
Mugger should have studied Wing Chun, then he could have fought off multiple attackers. Clearly guns don't work on the street.

Wounded Ronin
6/07/2009 12:01pm,
Yeah, it would have been FOOM FOOM FOOM and all three of them would have been dead.

6/08/2009 3:33pm,
...because he was upset the suspect was bringing crime to his neighborhood...

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