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6/04/2009 11:58am,

Thought I'd get the I'm new stuff out of the way.

I am not new to the martial arts world at all. I trained for a while in karate when I was a child and fell into the world of biddy wrestling (elementary and jr high). While I could no longer be in karate due to my instructor moving, my interest was still piqued in anything martial.

After taking a 2 year break from anything combative, I got back into it when I was 16 (moved, and finally got a car to drive to a school).

Oddly enough I stumbled onto MMA. Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and BJJ became part of most of my days. Going through many BJJ tournaments and a few MMA fights, I became fairly proficient. College then set in and reduced my time to BJJ, but allowed me to pick up judo. Now the season is right and I have my time to devote to the whole package once more. Now, Judo, Muay Thai, and BJJ are becoming the most important bits of my arsenal.

Judo I train at the University of Toledo's judo club (Haven't settled down enough to get a rank yet). BJJ is my specialty, I've been doing it for 3 years (I got injured/sick, putting some time off at hand) and i've gotten my purplebelt and I'm pretty happy. I train w/ Chris Blanke at the Toledo Jiu Jitsu Center and Received my pruplebelt from Saulo Ribeiro Boxing and Muay Thai have again begun to come back. I was a little rusty, but shaking off that ferrous oxide has started bringing my timing back.

Beyond martial arts, I am a Junoir in the athletic training program at UT, a certified personal trainer, and have plenty of experience in both fitness fields and rehabilitation.

Plan after school...uhh...fight...and...further my education.

Lu Tze
6/04/2009 12:09pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.