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5/31/2009 4:19am,
Hey guys, I'm trying to sniff out some BS at a new school that I want to start at (I'm a Noob...) and I'm looking at the owner of the school's credentials. His name is Chuck Glass of Reality Martial Arts www.realitymartialarts.com/, and the guy who gave him his 3rd Degree in Shotokan seems really weird. His website can't even keep it straight whether he teaches TKD or Karate, and the pic on their home page is kind of ridiculous www.dynastykarate.com/, not to mention that under their "events" they just crowned a new 12 year old black belt. I've heard from a few people that Chuck's school is alright, although a few years ago their affiliate (Rat Pack Fight Systems) had some trouble with a phony black belt. He's been replaced by Brian Miller, who's supposed to be a Renzo BB, and Matt Riddle from TUF was with them for a bit...but still any opinions would be great. I want to start their BJJ program with Brian Miller, and I don't wanna get stuck in some phony McDojo.


6/01/2009 7:48am,
Looks OK to me...try it out and see....

6/01/2009 8:08am,
Your internet fu is weak. What are you fishing for?

From Reality Martial Arts (Reality Martial Arts?? - No BS Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=84786)), a thread that you, ahem, started...

This place is great! I went there for a few months when they first opend up. The owner is a good BJJ purple and Shotokan BB. He teaches karate, Kickboxing, and the Tues. Thurs. BJJ classes. Their Head BJJ instructor is Brian Miller, a Renzo Gracie BB. They are currently accociated with James Simrell who is a very legit BB in BJJ, Judo, and Sambo. The Guys at Reality train hard and compete in Grappling (and do well), and have a few guys who fight MMA. I really want to get back there when the ecomony levels out. Where are you located? I used to head down there from Bethlehem

6/01/2009 7:31pm,
I didn't find the only image on Dynasty Karate's homepage to be weird...but then again maybe I'm so fucked up in general that I can't tell what is strange and what isn't.

Your internet fu is weak. What are you fishing for?

From Reality Martial Arts (Reality Martial Arts?? - No BS Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=84786)), a thread that you, ahem, started...

And this is what is known as the Nirvana Fallacy.

6/01/2009 7:35pm,
So you are starting an investigation and are providing evidence of BS/fraud? That is what this sub-forum is for. Otherwise, this should go in Your Martial Arts is **** sub-forum. I'm sure a mod will move it shortly.

6/01/2009 9:45pm,
I think that darkthrone139 is a fucktard.

6/01/2009 9:48pm,
And that's not a nirvana fallacy. (I did wick it) This is my kind of Nirvana:

6/02/2009 7:31am,
Not to derail to hard here, but it seems like a Nirvana Fallacy to me because he's **suppossedly** been looking into this school for a few months and two separate posts now. He won't actually start unless it fits his "perfect" idea. That's essentially what the Nirvana Fallacy is: It prevents us from starting anything in fear that it won't be perfect (Example: Your author friend who's never actually written anything because he's waiting for that perfect idea to come along)

Back on target: Darkthrone, either **** or get off the pot. You made two separate "Investigations", both of which came up clean. The place seems legit, what more do you want from us?

6/02/2009 7:53am,
Oh, my post that he's a fucktard is what I meant by "
that's not a NF. He seems both held in the Fallacy and manipulative (fucktardyness).

Back on target: Darkthrone, either **** or get off the pot. You made two separate "Investigations", both of which came up clean. The place seems legit, what more do you want from us?
There's some weird agenda here, or he's just neurotic. People like this waste their time and never work out, or if they do, it's in some crapola bullshido that will feed their fantasies and ego. He could prove me wrong, but it ain't gonna happen.

Reminds of me of sparring a guy who came out of a bs school and when thrown down with me on top tried to bite me and then told me that since biting wasn't allowed he could have "won." I pointed at to no avail that in my position I could have just broken his jaw...

Hey DT139, go work out and after you work out, post again - but not until you work out.

6/02/2009 11:45am,
Hey, Nick from Rat Pack here. I can give you the straight scoop on all the players, not that you deserve it.

Chuck Glass is one bad ass mf'r. Totally legit high level purple under Renzo before opening RMA and joining the Simrell Association.

Brian Miller, who teaches at both RMA and Rat Pack is a black belt under Renzo who was training in BJJ when many forum members were still sucking on their mama's tit and, is, IMO, one of the top bjj teachers in PA and possible the tri-state area.

RMA, as with all Simrell MMA Associated academies is not only legit as can be but, frankly, if you are truley a noob then I would suggest you train with some of the younger kids there because some of Chuck's adults are monsters.

In terms of Rat Pack, the 'phoney bb" issue is ancient history. Yes we have Brian Miller, yes we had Matt Riddle who still comes in to train and teach when he's in town, but we also have NBF Super Welterweight Champ Joel Roberts teaching MMA, 4x World Muay Thai Champ Eric Utsch teaching Muay Thai, several top 6 team finishes at naga in both the adults and kids divisions (in fact once they correct the scores from NAGA worlds and combine the RMA/Rat Pack point totals, Simrell MMA will be #2 just above the Renzo association!) as well as a team of some pretty impressive fighters who will be making noise on the mma circuit this year.

On the Nenow issue, I bought the Rat Pack facility from Nenow 4 yrs ago and he continues to rent space and time slots from me.

Now I'm no fan of traditional arts nor do I agree with the way many of these old timers set themselves up as gods amongst their members. Nevertheless, call me what you will, I do respect any guy that's been in the business literally since before most of the people on this forum were ever born.

The guy has been teachig TKD for 40 years, has won more tournaments and competitons than he or anyone else could name or remember, was ranked nationally in sparring for several years back in the 80's and still trains at and age and station in life where most folks would be sitting on their asses developing bed sores.

Bottom line darkthrone, if your inquiry is legit, you probably aren't good enough to appreciate the level of instruction and training any of these schools offer so what the hell's the difference where you train and if your not legit, then you're just an asshole on whom I have spent more time than is justified.

6/02/2009 11:56am,
By the way Darkthrone, there is an interschool team practice at Rat Pack 2nite @ 7:15 where fighters from all 4 Simrell MMA schools (Rat Pack/Simrell/RMA & MMA Nation) will be in attendance to train and get their medicals done for an upcoming mma card.

If you REALLY want to see what we're all about, by all means, please come by. Ask for Nick and I will be happy to make sure your questions are addressed!

6/02/2009 1:02pm,
Hey [SIZE=3]darkthrone139[/SIZ"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: [email protected]@[email protected]@View Profile: darkthrone139</title>@@[email protected]@darkthrone139 (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/member.php?u=82621) :
Read Chuck's bio a little closer, http://www.realitymartialarts.com/chuck-glass-bio.htm. According to this he didn't even study under Nenow, he studied under Byrnes. You should take bbinfu up on his offer and go to Rat Pack tonight. I am sure the guys there will be happy to demo their skills for (on) you.

6/03/2009 8:00am,
Jeez. Great Practice. About 50 guys from 4 different schools but surpisingly, no darkthrone139. Oh well, maybe next time.

6/03/2009 9:15am,
I'm holding my breath. And as a TMA bb (and having tons of chi), I can hold it a long long time.

6/03/2009 10:07am,
What do you think the odds are that Darkthrone works for Gracie NEPA? I know that GNEPA and Rat Pack HATE each other from training with guys from Simrell MMA. Perhaps just trying to ruin Rat Pack credibility somehow?

6/04/2009 2:53pm,
I haven't been logged in for a few days, and WOW! Even though you all obviously hate me, the responses were really constructive. And since every one is debating my origins/motives, I will clarify: Fug is essentially correct with the neurotic theory. And thanks to Nick for the extensive explanation. I really appreciate it guys!