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5/28/2009 2:16am,
Or at least thought you were? A kid that can't be much older than 13 has started coming to my MT club, and the way he talks makes me remember how tough I used to think I was, actually up until a little while after I started posting on Bullshido. The things I did in hindsight were fairly comical.

1. Picking Fights I just can't win.

I had just gotten to college, after spending my high school years as a fairly sucky wrestler and a moderately successful TKDer. I was unimpressed with the TKD offered at college, and I was fairly disinterested with wrestling at the club level, knowing my degree of suck. So I put all that 18 year old testosterone into my other hobby; weightlifting. I had gotten into bodybuilding in highschool, and now I had the facilities and time to take it seriously. Within 6 months I was 5'11" 230 at about 10% bodyfat, and I thought I was just the toughest ************ ever. I figured I had trained all ranges, and whatever technique I had lost would be more than made up for by my new found super strength.

In comes my new RA. About 6'2", 190lb, geeky looking as all get out. Everyone on the floor tells me he's some kind of karate blackbelt, I scoff and remember all the shitty TKD BB's I pwned in times of yore. It gets back around to him that I am a BB in TKD and self proclaimed all round badass, and he proposes a friendly impromteau sparring match on our floor. I readily accept, with the caveat of no face punches, as we had no gear. We start, I immeadiately go for an axekick, one of my go to moves in TKD. He smiles, steps in and behind my base foot and punches me in the chest, knocking me on my ass. We went on like this for a few minutes, me landing nothing of real consequence and him taking it fairly easy and still destroying me. A humbling experience, and the reason I took shotokan for six months.

So, My Fellow Bullies, do you remember when you thought you were a badass, and then the world came crumbling down? Feel free to share; this isn't a MBG thread, my prose is not nearly as entertaining. However, there will be several parts, at least assuming there is any interest.

Part 2: The "real" Jujutsu and MMA

5/28/2009 2:51am,
i have the distinct feeling this has been done before. Anyway, this is a nice topic...

So here goes:

I used to be into ninjitsu big time. In fact, I was about to test for my BB. We also used to spar, and I won against most people on a fairly regular basis. As a result of that I felt rather badass. (being 19-20 years and submitting 30 year olds makes you feel like that I guess) In the months leading up to the test-date for my bb I had joined a Boxing and Judo school. The first boxing class I took there made me realise one thing; I suck. The exact moment this sunk in, was when one of the senior boxing students hit me, and again and again and again. And he wasn't even getting tired. :idea:Suddenly, I realised exactly how much of a fool I had been during the past 5 to 6 years. ***** NINJITSU!* :ingun::qright1: I continued training in boxing (still training today btw) and after a couple of months I beat every single ninjer at my old ninjutsu dojo. Once I had gotten into judo and boxing, my supposed badass turned into a wheeping pile of despair and selfpity. Fortunately i kept on training and gradually i recovered. I quit the ninjitsu dojo shortly before testing for my black belt. I just couldn't bear the thought of becoming a BB in an art I didn't believe in anymore. It felt wrong in too many ways to stay in that school.

Aftermath: I started doing BJJ/MMA at another school this year so that was another eyeopener for me. Just not as big as the first one. I'm perfectly happy now by the way. It's quite a relief to be a whitebelt noob. I can suck at doing the most basic stuff and people will go "Oh he'll learn. He's just a beginner, that's all". So no more badassery for me. Full contact ma do make you humble in so many ways.

5/28/2009 6:04am,
I'm at a tournament in Korea ('87). My opponent is a short, pudgey Army guy. I'm 6'3" at the time, 190lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. This is a fucking joke. After 1 minute of pwnage by me he stops does a kind of squat and then launches a giant spin kick that impacts directly accross my face (he had at least a 25" vertical). I spent the rest of the round staggering around seeing stars.

5/28/2009 7:14am,
You got pwned by machida?

5/28/2009 8:21am,
A 13 year old kid? was this recently (last tue?) I miss that class..

5/28/2009 10:04am,
I was i believe 15 at the time.

Basically over the summer i started to really get into kung fu... i wanted to learn snake style kung fu so i can knock someone out with one strike to the pressure point... nuff said.

My friend who is a wrestler and did bjj/muaythai/mma told me to come over and he can show me some moves... I was all like.. pshh that **** doesn't work on the streets so i thought i would go show him some of my wing chun moves i learned off a video (/LMFAO i was so stupid back then but i thought watching wing chun training vids made me the ****!) i get there...

Back yard.... he took me down, RNC.. he showed me how fast a jab really is... and he showed me some wrestling moves.... 3 years later... (17 now)... i have never looked back.

5/28/2009 10:34am,
I still am a badass.

5/28/2009 10:41am,
A couple of years ago I tried to fight a whole pub....I lost.

True story.

5/28/2009 10:59am,
I thought I was pretty kick ass for a yearling muaythai practitioner until I had my second fight and got my ass kicked due to being horribly out of shape and not actually ring ready by any stretch of the imagination. Winning your first fight by KO in less than a minute of the first round because you fought a totally untrained tomato can is not a good way to keep things in perspective.

5/28/2009 11:08am,
A couple of years ago I tried to fight a whole pub....I lost.

True story.
I fought a mosh pit at a gig. I won.

5/28/2009 11:14am,
Yeah, I remember when I was a bada$$. . .
I thought this thread was about you being there,
and telling everyone all about it, so I don't seem
like some self-aggrandizing jerk by bringing it up.

* *
Wakaba Sensei: You no use to fight!
Tanabe Sensei: No use for fight!
Arima Sensei: No fighting!
My Father: Do not, I repeat, do not get into fights! Ever.

* *
In middle school and high school I was involved
in a lot of fights. By a lot, I'm guessing between
30-50. . .none of my making.

I was usually either breaking up a fight, or trying
to prevent one. Mostly, I had friends who either
got picked on, or had a lot more mouth on them
than they could back up. But, they were my friends.

In any case, I never lost any of those fights, well,
technically I may have lost two, but 10 on 2 shouldn't
count any more than three HS juniors against my
friend and me as seventh graders. And, in both cases,
I walked home - a little battered but, some of them
went to a hospital with broken body parts.

So, yeah, I remember being a bada$$.

I paid for every single one of those fights,
through the four men I mentioned above.

After my sensei found out, I would get
beat down in class. The first question was
always, "Did you win or lose?"
"No! No one wins in fight!"

Then, the physical and mental beat downs began.
Then my dad would find out. . .and, take me outside
for my real beat-downs.

None of those beat downs were ever for "fighting" -
they were for "not listening."

* *
So, yeah, I remember when I was a bada$$. The
aches and pains seem all too familiar, now.
Thanks for bringing it up. . .bastard!!



Mr. Fong
5/28/2009 11:23am,
This thread reminds me to train harder/more

Mr. Fong
5/28/2009 11:24am,
My friends (with little MA) experience, think that "jiu jitsu" is for people who are very experienced already and they think that kung fu is also pretty good, I am a fan of shaolin monks (the ones that train hard), anyways..... I think I might make a thread for this.....

5/28/2009 11:29am,
I fought a mosh pit at a gig. I won.

I had imbibed far too many sheberts to be of much use and anyway it's supposed to be the thought that counts.

In your case they were just blinded by the disco ball reflecting off your shiny dome.

Tom .C
5/28/2009 11:30am,
I was about eight years old and a neighbor got a book about Judo from the library. This was about 1960 and the only thing we ever heard about judo was something called the Judo chop. We didn't know anything about Judo but the pics. looked pretty cool. We found a nice patch of soft grass and the neighbor tried an Ippon Seonage on me. I hit the ground pretty hard, got the wind knocked out of me, and watched the neighbor kid almost cry from laughing so hard. It was the early 70's before I tried Judo again.

5/28/2009 11:30am,
I was going for my bb in karate and was in good shape. I could run 15 miles. I climbed the Grand Teton a few weeks before the test. When the test started, we did a class the night before. Woke up at five. Ran/walked to the top of this hill. Did a bunch of kata. Went back to the Sensei's house. Did more kata. Ran up the hill. calisthenics and other technique training. Ran up the hill. Moved a gigantic pile of dirt from one end of his fucking driveway to the other. Ran up the hill. Ate breakfast and grappled in the dirt. Then we went to the dojo to start the official testing. After about and hour of sparring, kata, and whatever the ****, this huge guy takes me down. I refuse to tap. Arm goes "POP" and echoes across the dojo. Everyone stops.

End of an era.