View Full Version : Howdy. An Intro and a Question for SoCal MMA-ers

5/21/2009 5:31am,
My name is Ike, and I'm relatively new to these fora. I have a pretty varied MA experience, starting with TMA and now culminating in MMA and Paul Vunak's take on JKD Concepts/Kali, in which I am currently an Apprentice Instructor (under Duane Walden and Eddie Quan, both Full/CEI Instructors under Paul and part of the PFS family/core), working my way towards a Phase One Instructorship. I am primarily concerned with functional martial arts and applying rigorous training methods in MMA to the self-discovery and "horizon-broadening" process of JKD. All in all, I think I'm pretty sharp, have a good head on my shoulders, and generally I know how to make an observation, but more importantly, I know when to shut the hell up and listen, learn, and train.

With that said... I recently moved to LA , and though I am happy to have found an excellent PFS JKD/Kali gym, I long for the days of *consistent* full-contact sparring/rolling, bag work, and pyramid kicking drills. As I near my goal of acheiving Phase One in PFS, I am looking forward to stepping away from a JKD-only program and immersing myself in MMA once more.

So, I am looking for a gym with a good Muay Thai (or Boxing) as well as BJJ (or Judo/BJJ/Sambo) program that is taught by well-ranked instructors (in each art) that also provides an ego-free, no-nonsense learning environment. I want to belt in BJJ as well as have the opportunity to spar full contact. Can those of you in the Greater Los Angeles area make a recommendation?

Also, for those of you walking into new gyms with considerable previous experience, what do you recommend I do? A) Not even mention my ranking in JKD and start from scratch B) Approach the instructors about my previous experience and attempt to start at an intermediate level?

Lastly, if any of you Los Angelenos want to meet to train, get at me!