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5/20/2009 11:58am,
From the time I was 6 till the time I was 20 I practiced martial arts. From 6 till 16 I practiced Tang Soo Do, from 16 to 20 I kickboxed and trained light ground fighting. Now at 28 I started to train MMA (Bjj / boxing / MT).

About 1 hour into the work out regardless of what I am doing I start to feel sick. I have the "Never Stop" attitude, so I end up puking. I take about 5 minutes to get over it, get right back to practice, then puke some more.

I have tried every combination of eating possible.. Eating light, not eating, not eating the night before a morning work out. It doesn't matter, if I don't have food in my I dry heave, if I do have food or liquid in me... Well.. It's not in me for long.

On Tuesday's and Fridays I am in the gym weight training. I don't have this problem at all. But it is also strength training with very little / no cardio work out.

So... The question... Why do I keep throwing up? And how do I make it stop! And more importantly should I work through it, or stop once I get sick?

Finally, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when I am rolling I get plugged up. My nose gets very congested, and with a mouth piece in its very hard to breathe. This of course is dripping into my throat and basically gagging me, making the pukie feeling even worse.

Any advice... Would be great!


5/20/2009 12:11pm,
I'll weigh in and just suggest that you are going too hard. Whether you're doing stand up or grappling you should try to be as relaxed as possible, conserve eneergy and use techniques rather than just trying to muscle everything.

5/20/2009 12:27pm,
This would be a good one for the fitness forum.

How long has this been happening? Just the past few weeks, months, or years?

5/20/2009 12:33pm,
Rest. Jesus Christ, you're not an Olympian or anything, besides no one wants to train with pukey.

Maybe think about seeing a doctor, perhaps there is an underlying medical condition. Barring any medical condition moar cardio.

It would be hilarious if you were living in Oregon now, we have a puker as well.

5/20/2009 12:36pm,
I puked a few times when I first started working with a trainer. We would go for maybe an hour with hardly any rest.

Drinking Gatorade before training helped.

Do you throw up any other times? Or feel any acid reflux?

5/20/2009 3:56pm,
Sounds like it could be allergies/hayfever. I've had that issue before where as soon as my heartrate goes up I turn into the snot-spewing puke-monster. The only solution I've found is a decent anti-hystamine and slowly building my cardio up. HOWEVER: A doctor is probably your best bet.