View Full Version : Looking to get my ass kicked in sydney, cheaply

5/18/2009 12:29pm,
Sup guys,

I did Choy Lay Fut buk sing in perth, western australia several years back. I seriously regret not going to sparring as much as I should have and feel like I have zero fighting experience, which is true. Plus I'm all out of shape now.

Anyway, I'm looking for a boxing gym near chippendale, or somewhere where I am expected to train for and fight against resisting opponents. Not in it for a career, just health, fitness and knowing what I'm capable of so I can stop wondering. I'm also interested in learning how to do basic jabs and punches fast and well and maybe (hopefully) work on my reflexes, which are frankly ****.

Only I'm doing a course in usyd so I kind of need it to be cheap, goddam student. I still have my sparring gear (gloves, helmet, shin, body protector and nut protector) so anything that needs them is fine by me.

One other annoying problem that is the reason I've been porking out over the study books for the last few years is I have some knee problems. Patella mistracking. I'm hoping some exercise will fix it though.


5/19/2009 9:58pm,
Check out Jin Wu Koon (http://www.jinwukoon.com) in Chippendale, i have a friend that trains muay thai there, seems to be quite good.

Since you're pretty close to the city i'd also recommend Boxing Works (http://www.boxingworks.com.au/).

But i dont think either of those are cheap, not expensive but just not cheap. if you want cheap, USyd Judo Club.

5/20/2009 5:25am,
Sydney Uni had a boxing club last time I checked. Ask the student sports association.

5/20/2009 5:50pm,
Ah that double dragon place has some choy lay fut lineage and would be alright for going once a week to brush up.

I'm not too hardcore about it, I just want somebody to guide my home practises while I get back into it and have a place to bang some bags. I'll go check it out, see if the sparring is thai only.

But I'll look into the boxing place at sydney too, thanks for the advice.

I don't know much about judo at all, but I've heard it mentioned before on this site. I was thinking of it to get a bit of grappling experience, but I thought it would be expensive since it's at the uni. I'll check it out too.

5/20/2009 7:44pm,
If you are a member of the Uni sports club, which costs about $150 per year I seem to recall; Judo, Boxing and Wrestling are obscenely cheap I believe. They even used to have a BJJ class which was about $2 per session but I think the guy in charge might have graduated.

5/21/2009 8:03am,
Looking to get my ass kicked in sydney, cheaplyGo to the Cross on a Saturday night and yell "FAG". That should do it.

Aha. I crack myself up.

Anyway, try Aussie Box (http://www.aussiebox.com.au/gyms_nsw.html) or Boxing NSW (http://www.nswaba.org.au/index.php?show_aux_page=76) for club lists.

If you're willing to use your legs, you might consider looking into Muay Thai/Kickboxing - which is more popular than boxing (and thus more widely available).

5/21/2009 8:40am,
They run the boxing and judo clubs out of HK Ward at Sydney Uni. Might be worth a look.


5/28/2009 9:22pm,
thanks for all the advice guys

i dont think kickboxing would be that good for me knees, and im more looking for hand speed and reflex training against people. maybe once im fit again my knees will fix themselves and i can look into it, who knows.