View Full Version : Greetings!

5/17/2009 4:23pm,
Hi, I'm new to the forums, just wanted to say hi... I live in NY, and I've been doing MMA for a year now... the school got too expensive, ( I was paying $300/month on a contract basis) so I'm looking for a new school, any help in that regard would be appreciated!

I'm currently looking for schools that teach MMA in NY, any suggestions? I love the group classes and enjoyed the sparring from my previous school, Tiger Schulmann's MMA.

5/19/2009 3:16pm,
Hey man, nice to see other noobs out and about. I wish I could offer some kind of suggestion for NY, but I'm not even close...

5/19/2009 3:30pm,
Welcome to Bullshido, pwoah $300 a month if i was paying that i would expect so much :P