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5/17/2009 10:32am,
Well! Nice to meet everyone! I've lurked around here on Bullshido before and I had an honest liking for what I found here.

So. I'm Kishi, 23 years old, living in Raleigh, NC. Just graduated from NC State with a degree in Creative Writing. Having discovered that there's no future in writing novels, I've begun to work as an independent agent for Family Heritage, a supplemental insurance company. We pay the money straight to you in case something happens, and if nothing happens, we return the premiums.

I dunno if you can tell, but I love my job.

I started my martial arts training when I was very young with Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Neither one of them really stuck with me. Eventually, when I moved down here, I ran into some students of the Raleigh Kung Fu Arnis Academy. I was pretty impressed, and I signed on with them, and that's prettymuch been the extent of my training.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go on a consistent basis throughout high school or college, so all I've done as an extent of that is just repeated basics over and over and over (and over) again. And between graduation and starting my work, I've only recently been able to open that training again; forget about getting back to the academy.

So what's a person like me doing in a place like this?

Eh, I'm just here to talk. I like what I've seen in the discussion threads and I like the no-nonsense approach to combat and art. Sounds like the old days in the kwoon.

I look forward to it!

5/17/2009 11:07am,
Hi there, Kishi.

Welcome to the boards.

Now that you've mastered creative writing, it's time for some creative reading on here. ;-)
Enjoy and please take your time in introducing your typical training regimen to us.

You might want to write your school-review. Be sure to check out the Throwdown section, to find partners from different MA's willing to realistically test skills.


5/17/2009 1:27pm,
Welcome! Strangely enough I'm now typing this from your city's exquisite airport.

5/17/2009 1:53pm,
RDU isn't too shabby. It's been a while since I had the chance to visit it, but it's nice.

Enjoy and please take your time in introducing your typical training regimen to us.

Well, sadly, it's not very much right now. I do a lot of stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, horse stance work. The goal I'm working toward right now is having a perfectly flat horse stance that I can hold for two minutes. Currently I'm clocked at 1:42.

In general, though, once my physical condition is acceptable, the plan is to add on a round of Taolu - forms - practice, followed by a round of technical training, followed by application training. That was the format of my training back when I was in college, and following it consistently helped me to acquire skill.