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5/16/2009 7:58pm,
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Former WWF pro wrestler Johnny K-9 charged with conspiracy to murder

Ion Kroitoru, who wrestled as Johnny K-9, is one of eight charged in B.C. murder conspiracy


Ion William Kroitoru, 43, is a former professional wrestler from Ontario. He was known to wrestling fans as Johnny K-9 and Bruiser Bedlam.

Ion William Kroitoru was well-known around Ontario — a colourful former wrestler dubbed Johnny K-9, who often found himself on the wrong side of the law.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in 2005 in the brutal slayings six years earlier of a Hamilton lawyer and her husband.

But the case collapsed in 2006 and he returned to Vancouver where he was also on the radar of law enforcement officers as an associate of the notorious United Nations gang.

Kroitoru was one of five UN-linked men charged Friday with conspiracy to kill the Bacon brothers and their Red Scorpion gang associates.

At 43, he is the former president of the Hamilton chapter of the Satan’s Choice biker gang, who once pleaded guilty to conspiring to bomb a strip club in Sudbury after he was asked to remove his patched jacket. He has previous trafficking convictions.

But he had never been charged in B.C. until his arrest Friday.

Daniel Ronald Russell, 27, is the highest-ranking UN member charged Friday.

He is facing charges in the same U.S. drug case as Clay Roueche, but has not yet been extradited.

U.S. court papers say he has “used this organization, its members and its associates in arranging, obtaining, transporting, exporting and attempted to export cocaine which they brought or directed to be brought into the United States for export to Canada and elsewhere.”

He has faced several charges here, including “assault causing bodily harm” along with the late UN gang member Evan Appell, who later overdosed. The charge was dismissed. Russell has also been convicted of possession of stolen property and trafficking.

Accused conspirator Yong Sung Lee, 28, is described in U.S. court papers as “a close associate of Clay Roueche.” The documents also say Lee was stopped in B.C. last year driving his Nissan Pathfinder in which B.C. police located “a secret compartment and a gun.”

Lee was convicted last month of possession for the purpose of trafficking and got a conditional sentence. He is still before the courts on an impaired charge.

West Vancouver realtor Soroush Ansari, 28, had no criminal record before his charge Friday. He was a character witness last year at the murder trial of his brother, Sasan. Soroush admitted on the stand that he had a gambling problem and owed $100,000.

Soroush’s former girlfriend, Sarah Jane Trebble, also testified for Sasan and is also now charged in a case linked to the UN gang.

The youngest UN associate charged Friday, Dilun Heng, 25, has a couple of traffic violations in B.C., but no criminal record.

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5/16/2009 8:09pm,
Who is Johnny K-9? NEver heard of him

bad credit
6/18/2009 9:59pm,
Go read Chris Jericho's autobio. He used to room with Bruiser. He said the guy would rinse off dirty dishes with water, then put them back in the cupboard with flecks on 'em. Was alyways yelling about how he was "true to the crew!" Y2J said that Bruiser would walk into Wendy's back when they had that awesome buffet bar and just grab a tray, fill it up, and eat. Then he would leave without paying. Anytime he needed new flip flops he would walk into Wal-mart, put on new ones, and walk out without paying. Chris said the guy never wore a shirt, no matter how cold, or what the social sitch, and would always have shorts and flip flops on.

Chris told him off about his dishwashing and the guy put his dukes up and said something about fighting a streetfight in the style where he was from. Jericho put his dukes up and said he didn't know what that meant, but he would fight him "Alberta, Canada" style or wherever he was from. Bruiser put his dukes down and said Y2J was alright.

Go wiki the guy. The article is hilarious. He was gonna BOMB a stripclub because they kicked his crew out for wearing colors. At the last moment they changed their minds and blew up this tiny police station in this tiny town. He supposedly killed a lawyer and her hubby, but the state spent years and millions of tax dollars investigating and could never prove it. The guy's a bully, I hope this time they lock him up for life. He may have intimidated everyone for years, but now the state is out to get him again for it. It's the only thing the state is good for.

6/23/2009 10:02am,
I'm not sure we care about a loser pro-wrestler.

6/23/2009 1:55pm,
I would join a gang called the united nations.
Are their "colors" the united colors of benetton?

6/23/2009 2:57pm,
I would join a gang called the united nations.
fo' real?

6/24/2009 6:11pm,
Never heard of him. Good to know nonetheless.