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5/15/2009 10:35am,
Alright so I did search the forum and found a few older topics on this but I didn't want to revive a year old topic:

I want to get a free standing bag. I cannot get a hanging bag because then I have to cut a hole in my garage and run a chain through my attic to hang it. I still would like the mobility of a hanging bag though because I park the cars in the garage therefore I can debating on whether or not to buy a free standing model and bolting it down. We want a bag and model that we can kick, punch, clinch, and knee. I am 5'10'' about 194 lbs and my wife is 5'2' and 106 lbs

Here is what I am looking at:

Wavemaster XXL - $300.00

Lots of mixed reviews on this so very iffy on it.

Free Standing Heavy Bag Stand - $200?

This is a Title model shown here, if anyone can recommend a brand that would be awesome. I've seen them for as little has $130 and as high as $1,000. I want one that doesn't come with the bag so I can purchase my own bag. I want to put free weights on on the pegs to hold it down versus bolting it down. Don't care for the speed bag though.

Wall Mount Heavy Bag Stand - $120?
http://di1.shopping.com/images/pi/af/16/47/30886110-177x150-0-0.jpg (http://www.treadmillscentral.com/images/1141.jpg)

Not sure about the reliability of these. I don't want them ripping out of my wall lol.

If I go with the bag stand here are the bags I'm looking at:

Fairtex 6 ft MT Banana Bag 120 lbs filled - $270

MMA Style Teardrop Heavy Bag - ~$150

No sure what brand or if I'm better off with a banana bag.

Obviously a free standing model with a heavy bag is more expensive, but I want quality and want to avoid half assing a purchase like this. Also I am debating on sticking this outside, but not sure how bad weathering will affect this. Do they sell covers for these stands or should I just keep them inside? I live in Texas just so you know the type of freaky weather we get here lol.


5/15/2009 8:47pm,
Definitely keep the bag inside.

Just my thought: Can't go wrong with the Wavemaster. The majority of schools (MMA, MT, CMA schools) out there use these; you can fill it with sand or water thus vary the feel. It is a good choice