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5/12/2009 11:57am,
Martial Arts

suspended in schools:

Chris Dhambarage

In a dramatic turn of events the Ministry of Education has decided to suspend all sporting events and coaching sessions involving Martial Arts in schools with immediate effect.

This includes sports such as boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, taekwondo and wushu. This decision was taken following the unfortunate death of Pasindu Jayawickrema of D. S. Senanayake College who passed away after suffering severe head injuries during an inter school wushu tournament worked off at the Sugathadasa Stadium recently.

Jayawickrema suffered this blow while competing in the weight class of 48-52 kgs category. This was in fact the second time where a schoolboy had become a victim of this nature and in the same sport. Earlier a schoolboy from Baduraliya MV suffered the same fate while participating in a wushu tournament.

As a result the Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha responded immediately by suspending all Martial Arts sports of this nature on a special request made by the parents.

Their earnest request was that there should be protective measures to safeguard the competitors who are associated in this kind of sports during competitions as well as during training sessions.

The Ministry of Education has also taken further steps to suspend all sporting activities that are considered dangerous and unsafe for participation and have informed all the Heads of schools regarding this matter.

The Minister of Education is now awaiting a report from the Director of Sports in connection with the death of Pasindu Jayawickrema whose funeral took place in Boralesgamuwa on Sunday.

The Minister revealed that a final decision will be taken on the participation of schoolboys and girls in such sporting activities at a meeting with officials on May 25.

5/12/2009 12:22pm,
I want to know more about the circumstances. Was it poor refereeing (should've stopped the match)? Poor rules (no headgear for children doing spin kicks to the head)? Poor matchups (international kiddie champ with legs like Cro Cop vs. yokel-child with a neck like dry spaghetti)?

Sad tho.