View Full Version : Frank cucci legit fighter

4/08/2009 11:58am,
I tranined with him back in the 1994-1996. He is seal, was in waht group I did nto indulge but these things are verifiable. I worked in the seal community and regular got isntiruciton from those that have been taught by frank cucci from the SF groups.

4/09/2009 7:00am,
PLEASE DO NOT mention Jerry Peterson in the same breath as Frank for christ sakes...total fucktard Peterson..he`s the Patenaude of Virginia beach...his ads should have been used for toilet paper compared to Vunak`s and Cucci`s...which were a bit over the top and marketed/scripted for cash obviously...
Peterson taught BUD`s temporarily...and it was yellow belt Kung Fu San Soo......

5/11/2009 11:33am,
Think you have a "problem" with Frank Cucci? Why don't you drop in and say it in person?
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