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5/07/2009 7:07am,
At the age of only 23, Andras Nagy, Hungarian light-heavyweight boxer succumbed to injuries caused by an accidental head-butting with his sparring partner...


Hungarian boxer Andras Nagy dies in Australia

The Associated Press

BUDAPEST, Hungary Hungarian light-heavyweight boxer Andras Nagy has died after suffering a brain injury while training in Melbourne, Australia. He was 23.
"He was a very talented boxer. His death is a terrible tragedy," Hungarian Boxing Federation president Sandor Csotonyi said.
Csotonyi said Nagy - who had a 3-0 professional record - was on a six-month stay in Australia, boxing with a Croatian license.
After butting heads with a smaller opponent during a training bout on May 1, his birthday, Nagy was hospitalized with brain swelling.
He underwent two operations in Melbourne, on May 1 and 4, and was placed in an artificial coma, but died Thursday, Csotonyi said.
Nagy's remains will be brought back to Hungary, Csotonyi said.
During his amateur career, Nagy, a native of the city of Gyor in northwest Hungary, competed for the Vasas sports club.
Competing in the 165-pound class, Nagy won a silver medal at the 2002 World Cadet Championship in Kecskemet, Hungary.
He took part in the 2005 World Senior Boxing Championships in Mianyang, China, winning his first match and losing the second.

5/07/2009 7:18am,
Crazy that a headbutt would do that.

5/07/2009 7:41am,

Crazy's the right word...

Sometimes a human being survives a plane crash, sometimes a silly little thing takes the life of a young, fit person...

5/07/2009 12:08pm,
That's just awful. Like Natasha Richardson - a seemingly innocuous bump and it's lights out forever.